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Trinity College Foundation Studies: Feb Main Program 2019
Word count: 1500 words (10% less or more is acceptable)
Weighting: 15% of Literature mark
Due date: Monday 19 August by 11:59pm.
• Write ONE essay of 1500 words (10% less or more is acceptable) in response to ONE of the topics below.
• At least 50% of the essay must focus on The White Tiger. Remember: you will be graded on your understanding and analysis of both texts.
• Essays must be submitted through Turnitin using the submission link in TCOLE in your tutor’s folder. Save your document as a PDF for submission.
• Include your full name, your tutor’s name and your tutorial day and time in the title of your submitted file, e.g. WANG, Summer. Sarah’s tutorial, Monday 8.00 am.
1. ‘Escape from poverty is not given; it must be fought for.’ Discuss, with reference to both The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire.
2. ‘It is not possible to win real freedom.’ Discuss, with reference to both The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire.
3. ‘Both The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire contain negative representations of masculinity. To be a “man”, in both texts, is to be inhuman.’ Discuss.
4. ‘Greed is the cause of poverty’. Discuss, with reference to both The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire.
5. ‘In Slumdog Millionaire and The White Tiger, people are not innately good or bad; they are as society makes them.’ Discuss.
6. ‘Success requires the rejection of all forms of community.’ Discuss, with reference to both The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire.
Please see the rubric on page 17-18 of your Study Guide Outline, in TCOLE:
• Develop your own credible, informed and sustained argument in response to the question.
• Understand the ideas and themes of the texts and how these vary between the texts;
• Provide and analyse direct evidence from the texts to justify your interpretation;
• Identify and evaluate how relevant literary and filmic features construct meaning;
• Utilise effectively the conventions and styles of academic writing about literature (i.e. appropriate paragraph and essay structure, academic referencing).
A 10% per day penalty applies for late submission. Students who require an extension must apply for Special Consideration using the form available in the Portal:
The Trinity College Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure applies to this assignment. Please familiarise yourself with the details of the policy, which you can find at In brief:
• Information, words and ideas that you get from any source other than your own brain or from class discussion must be referenced—this includes lecture slides, websites or books you have read.
• Including information, words or ideas from sources other than your own brain or class discussion without referencing it is plagiarism; using words or ideas given to you or written by another student is collusion (unless it is a groupwork task). These are both considered cheating and penalties will apply if you do either of these things in your assignment.
• Getting anyone else to complete all or part of an assignment for you is contract cheating. This is a serious breach of the academic integrity policy and major penalties apply if you do this at Trinity College.
• Students who are found to have submitted an assignment that contains plagiarism, collusion or evidence of contract cheating may be asked to rewrite and resubmit their assignment and will receive a grade penalty of 10% or more.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1656 words including References

SELECTED TOPIC 2: It is not possible to win real freedom. Discuss with reference to both The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire.

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