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Cer -III in light vehicle automobile mechanic
Q1)Identify five (5) important items of personal safety when using and maintaining measuring tools and equipment in an automotive workplace?
Q2)What precautions should be taken when using a tyre pressure gauges with compressed air?
Q3What are Outside and inside micrometers used for?
Q4)Where would you use an inside micrometer?
Q5)What type of measurements can a Vernier caliper make?
Q6What is the Dial indicator used for?
Q7)Identify some common uses of a Dial indicator?
Q8What are steel rulers used for?
Q9)How is a square used?
Q10 What is a straightedge used for?
Q11What are feeler gauges and what are they used for?
Q12Explain how to use a tyre pressure gauge?
Q13 Why would you use an oil pressure gauge to check the oil pressure of an engine?
Q14 Question text
What components does a fuel pressure gauge measure on the fuel injection system?
Q15How is a pressure tester used to check a cooling system?
Q16How does a cylinder leak tester operate?
Q17Describe the four (4) steps to safety select and use measuring tools in the automotive workplace?
Q18What is Lockout/Tagout?
Q19What care is needed with precision measuring equipment?

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