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Assessment Brief
Program Bachelor of Business
Subject code MKT304A
Subject name Brand and Product Management
Assessment title Assessment 3 - Case Study Analysis
Group or individual assessment Individual
Length 2500 words (+/-10%)
Learning outcomes addressed This assessments addresses the following learning outcomes:
a) Analyse the role of brand and product strategy in the organisation.
b) Identify problems and questions in relation to contemporary brand and product management.
c) Discuss the issues and challenges businesses face in successfully
d) Assess the marketplace in terms of the consumer, competitors, trends and organisational objectives.
f) Evaluate brand and product performance through the application of relevant key
performance indicators and other metrics.
Assessment Brief:
Section 1
The Brand Report Card Report by Kevin Lane Keller.
Available here:
Please read.
Section 2
Using the information in the Brand Report Card by Kevin Lane Keller and the theory you gained during this trimester please select a brand from the list and answer the following 10 questions. Each question is worth 10 marks.
Brand Selection
Boost Juice
1. How does the brand excel at delivering the benefits customers truly desire?
2. How does the brand stay relevant?
3. How is the pricing strategy based on the consumers' perception of value?
4. Is the brand positioned properly?
5. Is the brand consistent with their marketing program?
6. Does the brand portfolio and hierarchy make sense?
7. Does the brand make use and co-ordirates a full repertoire of marketing activities to build brand equity?
8. Do you believe the brand understand what it means to the consumers eg -who am I?
9. Do you believe the company who owns the brand or the brand itself offers proper ongoing marketing programs to- support the brand?
10. In your opinion do you see evidence that the brand monitor's its sources of brand equity?
Marking criteria
Excellent Good Average Not Poor
10-9 8-7 6-5 adequate 2-0
Each of the 10 questions are worth 10 marks Clear iniformation C ;ood Basic Lacking in Not enough
provided, well inform2tion information information information
an:swered, shciws provided, provided, and provided
strong evidence of shows some small independent
independent independent independent thought but
thought used thought and thciiight some
supported by examples information
relevant examples provided
Total points /100 points

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3027 words including References

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