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Select 8 questions from the list provided and write 2 more as a means of understanding your performance. Then, reflect on your question selection and how to improve your marketing capabilities as an entrepreneur in 750 words. Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.
Entrepreneurs review the strengths and weaknesses of marketing strategies and plans by conducting regular testing and analysing the results. This ensures they use scarce resources wisely and are aware of current and future trends. Successful entrepreneurs not only ask questions of the market, but of themselves to test their own capabilities and understanding.
Task Instructions • Select 8 questions from the Questions list below and write 2 more questions of your own (total of 10 questions). • Using the Feedback Worksheet Template provided in the Assessment Resources in Blackboard, explain:
1. Why did you choose or write each question?
2. Why did you consider each one important to ask yourself around your capabilities and role in entrepreneurial marketing?
3. What possible action could you take to improve your marketing capabilities as an entrepreneur
Provide feedback on these three points for each of the 10 questions you asked yourself.
Questions List
1. Why did I spend as much time as I did on secondary research?
2. Why did I spend as much time as I did on primary research?
3. Why did I spend more time on secondary research than on primary research?
4. Why did I spend more time on primary research than on secondary research?
5. How did my research help me refine my brand?
6. How well do I understand the concept of building a brand?
7. How confident am I in building a brand using digital methods?
8. What do I need to know about competitor analysis?
9. Are there other social media channels I could explore?
10. Do I understand enough about mobile marketing strategies?
11. Are there gaps in my knowledge and understanding around analytics?
12. Do I fully understand the market trends?
13. How well do I test the market?
14. How did I go aligning my marketing mix with the customer journey?
15. What do I need to learn about balancing my online and offline marketing mix?
16. What do others say about me as an entrepreneurial marketer?
17. What have I discovered about my abilities to write content for content marketing?
18. What other ways can I improve content?
19. What else do I need to know about customer engagement?
20. What is my specific role as a marketer in my own business?
*Your answers should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of all modules studied in this subject.
Please note the following additional information:
• You should adhere to the correct use of academic writing, presentation and grammar.
be clear, objective, no repetitive words make the text flows please.
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Also attached the module slides.
kind regards Michelle Medeiros

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Word Count: 1022 words including Questions and References

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