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Question 4: Module 5 (Week 9) the material for module 5 is attached below.
Select one of the following:
Facility Feasibility Study
Facility Needs Analysis
Synthetic Surface Installation, or
A Mowing/Ground Maintenance Contract. Then develop an outline that contains/lists key components for inclusion in a quote for tender document. In terms of format, present the information similar to that of a Table of Contents.
Question 5: Module 6 (Week 11) 400 words only -The material for module 6 is attached below.
The aim of reflection is to promote analytical and evaluation abilities and the development of skills for reflective practice. This reflection journal is your opportunity to write about your experience and to give observations of your group assessment, your thoughts and experiences of the course content an what you have found successful and unsuccessful about the
learning journey you undertook.The reflection journal is also designed to help you articulate higher order thinking skills and
to apply your learning to moments of your learning experience, and to reflect on the results.
Please be clear, objective, make the text flows.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1001 words including References

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