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Actually it’s a group assignment and I need your help to do my part only.
Need to produce a report on Mirvac Group. I m sending you the details and the related link which u can use in my assignment.
Objective: To assess the performance measurement practices in relation to MIRVAC Group’s key management personnel – Executive Management outlined in
Remuneration report.
Task to achieve the objective: What are their performance management and how the Executive management’s performance being measured.
Body & Findings: Remuneration (500-750 words max & 5 academic references)
1) Body
? What are their performance management in regards to Remuneration of the Executive Management in their annual remuneration report
Also, please check their Corporate Governance report: especially, Human Resources Committee Charter and
Diversity & Inclusion policy, for more infos., please see link below for the latest statement Version.pdf?la=en&hash=2D681C85E65B5F27D53982698DE5BC1BDFEE344D Policy.pdf?la=en&hash=2DEA1D6AB07F671FDFBF0A68C57ACDED677192BF
2) Findings:
should relate to – Which performance measures are likely to have the greatest motivational impacts on management behavior?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 709 words including References

Available Body & Findings: Remuneration only

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