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Assessment task 2: Exploring the impact of Policy on Health
Intent: To explore the impact of the ‘Closing the Gap’ policy on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People’s health outcomes.
Type: Essay
Weight: 50%
Task: In this assessment students will:
1. Write a brief explanation of what -Closing the Gap- (CTG) policy is, including the history and data that influenced the policy's creation. Then discuss the significance of the CTG policy on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People's health outcomes, using the relevant literature and statistics. Please include any challenges and/or barriers which may have affected the changes.
2. Analyse the impact of Judy's Diabetes and, how it is addressed within the CTG, including the long term consequences to health and social determinants. Your answer should include discussion of policy.
3. Discuss the benefits of Judy being registered with CTG, and, how this may have an impact on her social determinants.
4. Define the roles for the Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) and, Aboriginal Liaison Officer (ALO), and,
5. Give the reasons why the AMS and ALO would be referring Judy to the community health centre, explain what services they provide and the relationship between the health systems.
Length: 1500 word essay
Due: 11.55pm Thursday 22 August 2019

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1973 words including References

Significance of Policy on Wellbeing

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