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Digital marketing on line
Due date 28.08.2019
Limit words 2000 only.
Tasks for the assessment
In this assessment you will develop a ‘real life’ digital marketing communications (DMC) plan for an organisation. Imagine you are a DMC consultant for this organisation. You will choose an organisation and develop a plan for it, engaging concepts and strategies explored in the subject. The idea here is to critically analyse the current DMC approach of the organisation in relation to the marketing environment it operates in, and identify DMC strategies you think would improve its performance, supporting this with DMC concepts from the course and current literature in the field (e.g., could be anything from journal articles, blogs, online guides, YouTube videos, research reports etc.,). The key here is to provide justification to strategy development.
Your task for this assessment is to prepare a report providing:
1. Title page, table of contents, executive summary
2. A report introduction
3. A brief company introduction, competitive and SWOT analysis.
4. A brief summary of the company’s target marketing, positioning and branding from a digital /online perspective. You should provide any recommendations for these strategies.
5. DMC Objectives .
6. DMC Mix plan.
This is where you present your recommendations substantiated by research /course work engagement and reference to best practice.
7. Monitoring and control. How will you measure the performance of your strategies.
8. Conclusion
For this one Number 9
Remember Appendix is Any additional information or data that supports or extends the main document or report. Appendices (singular; appendix), supporting information, and supplementary data are terms that describe information presented as an attachment to a report, paper, article or thesis. After the References.
Appendix. In the appendix you are to select two (2) Choose what is easier please of the following practical tasks to complete and include in the appendix:

? A website redesign. This can be done using a mock design of the home page and a website hierarchy diagram. Alternatively, you could take a screen shot of the existing web page and annotate your changes on of the relevant pages.
? Complete a sample blog post for the company.
? Design a Google AdWords advertisement and a brief overview (which can be described or presented visually of the landing page)
? Design a Facebook advertising campaign e.g., a sponsored post or advertisement. Explain the target market, the rationale of the advertisement and the goal of the campaign in terms of where the prospects end up and what you want them to do.
? Design a YouTube strategy presenting recommendations for a YouTube Channel and a brief synopsis of a key YouTube video.
? Design and present a monthly company email newsletter.

Should include a correctly constructed reference list and accompanying in-text citations as per University guidelines (APA Referencing). ? Can use any combination of narrative, point form, diagrams, graphs, tables or images to increase the -readability- of the submission.
Below I have some material from the modules in the lecture to help to do the work ok.

This is will be my final essay Good luck!
Kinbd regards Michelle Medeiros

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