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Please see the WIN Essay Writing Guide, or any of the above staff if you are in any doubt as to how to do this.You should then open some of the articles suggested by your search. Try reading the summary (known as the abstract) at the beginning and skim the Introduction and conclusion. Discard the articles that dont appear too relevant and continue until you gather 6-10 references that cover the topic. If you select that number, it is likely that you will find articles that take different approaches, or which have useful case studies, or well written explanations of the models, and so on.Alternatively, instead of placing key words in the search engine, you can look up relevant journals that each database has. A list of relevant journals can be found on page 19 of the HR Strategy subject outline. A couple of additional journals are• International Journal of Employment Studies,• Employment Relations Record and• International Employment Relations Review.Once you have opened a selected journal, you can then either skim the contents page of recent issues for articles that seem relevant, or you can use the search engine for that journal. Then proceed as above (open articles and read the abstract etc to determine relevance).D. Assistance on accessing articles, or on essay writing skills can be sought from any of the following staff:Bella Carr - Study Support Officer (See reception for appointment)Manju Sharma — Student Support Officer (See reception for appointment)Nina Suprun — Librarian (Available during normal library opening hours)orB. Required Length of Essay:The maximum length for the essay is 2000 words, and the minimum length is 1600 words. Answers outside this range will be penalised.It is expected that a good answer to the essay question can be written in approximately 1800 words.Suggested word ranges for each section are —Introduction: 200-250 wordsBody — Main Idea 1: 400-500 wordsBody — Main Idea 2: 400-500 wordsBody — Main Idea 3: 400-500 wordsConclusion: 200-250 wordsA,9-0 rjATotal length: 1600 — 2000 wordsC. Research Requirements for the essay:In order to research relevant material for your essay, you MUST use a minimum of 6 academic references (these are textbooks and journal articles found on the academic databases available to which WIN subscribes and access to these is included in your student fees).The links to these academic databases can be found on your Moodle Dashboard.The key databases are:Academic One File InformitYou can obtain full text access to articles in these databases both on campus (in the library) and off campus (using your computer at home).You need to log in using the access code and password provided to you in the Moodie link. Please note that you must also use the relevant sections of the textbook as one of your references. Tips on how to look up information on the topic using the two databases:When you log in to each database you can use the search engine to type in key words relevant to the essay question. For this question, for example, you could type in best practice HR strategy, universal model of SHRM, models of strategic HRM, or similar phrases. This will usually generate a wide range of possible articles from the database.Al4Essay Question — Sample Essay Plan and ReferencingQuestion:Discuss the principal strengths and weaknesses of the best practice perspective on strategic human resource management.(Note — the best practice perspective is also referred to as the universalist approach.)141) :4)• Briefly outline your understanding of what the question is asking you to do• Outline the way in which you have structured your essay• State what you will argue (or what position you will take) on the set question — Note that you cannot just summarise views for and against, you must evaluate the different views and come to your own viewAn example:This essay will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the best practice approach to strategichuman resource management and in doing so, it will be compared to the main alternative approach, the best practice, or contingency, perspective.... The essay will begin with an explanation of the best practice approach. It will then discuss the advantages and limitations of the model. It will then assess the overall best practice approach in relation to the alternate best fit approach.... After reviewing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses it will be argued that, while the best practice approach offers human resource managers a goal to aim for, it has limited value in practice because it does notlink people management strategy to the overall business strategy2. Body of the essayThe body of the essay should consist of 2-3 main ideas (which break down the question into manageable sections). For example:A. Essay Structure: 1. IntroductionYour introduction should cover the following three areas:p./tDoLtA• Main Idea 1 -Begin with a brief one sentence summary of what this section is about. Foe example, I will now explain the key features of the best practice approach and discuss its strengthsThen this section should contain a detailed explanation of the best practice approach krememberthat there is more than one view of what should be included in best practice). highlighting the positive features.At the end of this section, there should be a brief summary of what you hove presented. riorgit41, nrb lze• Main Idea 2- afL1 1 C.-.Th(CI . v---efe9r-Q-c-)Begin with a brief one sentence summary of what this section is about. For example:Having explained the best practice model and discussed its advantages, this section of the essay willreview the major limitations of the model....Then, this section should outline the main criticisms, or weaknesses, of the best practice apprqz.v.1 which are discussed in the literature, and then compare these against the strengths of the approach .. Begin to evaluate the literature as part of forming your own view.At the end of this section, there should be a brief summary of what you have presented.g(11Begin with a brief one sentence summary of what this section is about. For example:Having discussed some of the major limitations of the best practice model, the essay will nowdevelop this theme further by briefly explaining the alternative best fit model and will assess the strengths and limitations of the best practice approach in relation to this alternative modelThen, this section should briefly outline the best fit (contingency) approach, focussing for example, on the Schuler and Jackson version of this. Then use this approach to expand on the weaknesses °A the best practice model, and further develop your evaluation of it.At the end of this section, there should be a brief summary of what you have presented.L/703Ac()3. ConclusionReview the evaluation that you have been progressively making about the best practice mode1,on the basis of the evidence that you have considered, state what your final position is in rekati what the question has asked.• Main Idea 3 —AA.)03

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