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Subject Learning Outcomes
1. Define health promotion and health education for the person individually, in community and within population across the lifespan;
2. Examine the relationship between social determinants of health and health outcomes;
3. Use contemporary models of physical and psychiatric/mental health care that can be delivered to the person in a primary health care setting to enhance the person’s health outcomes;
4. Describe the role of the nurse in Primary Health Care in urban, rural and remote settings; 5. Assess the needs of a person’s health promotion and health education requirements, recognising the influence of values, beliefs, culture and diversity;
6. Describe the economic and political factors influencing determinants of health and health outcomes;
7. Consider how a health promotion activity contributes to health and well being;
8. Identify contemporary issues in Primary Health (climate change, pandemics, demographic changes, new technologies).

Please follow high distinction rubric criteria
Reference: Strictly APA 6 style
on Most assessments within the School of Nursing should be structured as specified in the table below.
See the subject outline or eLearning for additional information on expectations.
• Page Orientation: Portrait
• Margins: 2.54 cm at the top, bottom, left-hand, and right-hand sides of the page
• Font: 12 point (Times New Roman or Times)
• Spacing: Double-line (no extra line spaces between paragraphs/reference entries)
• Indent: Indent the first line of each paragraph
• Justification of text: Only the left hand margin of the text needs to be justified, the lines on the right hand margin should end unevenly.
• For additional style notes see APA 6 guide: Word Count & Referencing
• Comply with word limit (+ or - 10%)
• In-text references are included within your word count
• Reference lists are excluded from your word count
• Do not use more than 10% direct quotations in any piece of work
• Use APA Referencing- see
• Indent: apply the hanging indent for the second and subsequent lines
• List references in alphabetical order on a separate page entitled 'References'
• Do not include a bibliography only a reference list (unless specifically asked to). Writing Style
• Use clear plain English: avoid jargon, clichés and made-up words
• Use abbreviations correctly
• Apply rules of English grammar
• Check syntax (sentence construction), spelling and punctuation before submitting work