Recent Question/Assignment

Number Criterion Description Measures ILO:
1 Analyse and evaluate OB issues and apply theories, concepts and models. LO2
2 Identify and discuss strategies to improve work performance based on relevant OB theory. LO2
3 Use theories, concepts and models to justify and defend understanding of topical
Organisational Behaviour issues. LO2
4 Communicate in Australian workplace standard language, literacy and formats. LO4
5 Use scholarly and discipline specific language and formats (including Harvard referencing). LO4
Task Length 3000 Words
Please answer the following 3 questions:

1. You are a consultant employed by any organisation that is interested in enhancing its profile of women managers. What actions would you recommend the company take to build an organisation that works for women managers? [1000 words Max]

2. (a) What stereotypes are you aware of in your own workplace or environment?
(b) What are some ways in which a manager can break down stereotypes about older workers OR new migrants in the workplace.
© What strategies can either older workers OR new migrants themselves implement to break down stereotypes in the workplace? [1000 words Max]

3. Personality testing is widely used in business as a recruitment and selection strategy. What are the advantages of such a strategy and why? [1000 words Max]

Please use examples to support your answers.
You must use a minimum of 8 academic reference per question.