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ASSIGNMENT 1: Reflective Essay
This is an individual assessment. Students must not collude with each other.
TOPIC 1: Reflect on and briefly explain the scope of employee diversity in a healthcare organisation with which you are familiar. Evaluate the potential impact on patient safety and quality of care, of broadening diversity within the workforce and how you, as manager/leader/administrator, would broaden workforce diversity within the organisation.
TOPIC 2: Reflect on the mission, vision and/or value statements of a healthcare organisation of your choice and evaluate the nexus between the organisation’s mission, vision and/or values, and patient safety and quality of care. Explain how you would base quality improvement on the organisation’s mission, vision and/or values. *Please explain in your submission, the reflective learning that has occurred as a consequence of reflecting on your selected topic.
Whichever topic you choose, you will need to access and reference at least six (6) peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as textbook/s to help you deepen and expand your reflections for this assessment task.
Please note that a similarity of 15% is unacceptable.
Due date: 22/08/2019, 10pm
Length and/or format: 1,500 words +/- 10%
Purpose: To demonstrate an ability to understand and critically analyse aspects of workforce management relevant to a healthcare environment

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