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n 1750 words, select your most appropriate cost-effective marketing strategies and conduct market research, brand, social media and mobile testing of your own proposed venture. You will also identify the marketing mix to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the most appropriate marketing strategies for your potential customers.

Entrepreneurs apply marketing strategies to their own ventures by selecting the most appropriate lean strategies and market testing methods. It is important for the entrepreneur to test and evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen strategies and change or test new methods to get the best results. This is a process that continues as entrepreneurs review and improve brands, targeting and testing current and new market segments. This project will demonstrate your knowledge gained in modules 1-5 about market research, establishing and marketing your brand, using social and mobile marketing strategies, testing and analytics.

To complete this assessment task, you must:
1. Identify marketing research and testing methods most appropriate for your own venture or proposed venture.
2. Conduct the research and testing as appropriate to your projects and objectives. a. Your research and testing should focus on your own current venture or a proposed venture. There is no expectation that you will spend money to conduct tests, however if you have a current venture, you may wish to conduct tests using your assigned marketing budget.
3. Include the following in your project:
a. An introduction outlining your current or proposed venture to provide context for your learning facilitator.
b. Primary and secondary research methods you chose and why.
c. Results of your secondary research and how this impacted on primary research conducted. d. Explanation of your brand story and how the primary research chosen will be appropriate to test your brand with consumers. e. Social media/mobile brand and other testing examples such as screen shots.
Please do not provide links to your social media. i.
Appropriate social media might include: 1. Facebook discussions, polls, Facebook Live. 2. Instagram. 3. Whatsapp, Messenger or other messaging social media app.
f. Evaluation of Web/mobile/social media analytics.
g. Web/mobile/social media analytics examples such as screen shots. Please do not provide links to your analytics. h. Explanation of how the results of your research and testing may influence your marketing mix in the future.
4. Evaluate the results of all stages of the customer journey using data analytics and customer responses or feedback. a. Include the results and evaluation of your tests but be mindful to protect the privacy of your consumers by deleting names and images or obtaining permission to use images and video. Test results may include: i. Social media/mobile/web analytics. ii. Feedback from potential customers. iii. Screen shots or other examples of discussions and comments. *Your explanations should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of all modules studied in this subject so far. Please note the following additional information:
• You should adhere to the correct use of academic writing, presentation and grammar.
Guys My idea is a swim school for special needs people.( people with disabilities)
This are the tips from the teacher when I was talking to him.
Tips for the assessment 3
Remember the business will start with the methods are cheaper and free.
we need to outline what is the service actually is in this case special needs school for disability people.
which sources of market research, which databases and analysis tools, which particular government sources and why?
If in case of swim school the best will be a secondary research.
If you choose the facebook try to do some research about the facebook campaign, for me try to figure out why and what people is searching on my product, primary and secondary research. Which is the research make more sense?

What is the best, interview or surveys?

We start with a small scale and start to go for a big scale or try to get a patterner ship (remember must have the vision to growth).
Experiment as much as possible or create a facebook.
For my service what comes to the more sense?!
Would like to demonstrate to other people what the product is about?
Be Objective, clear, do not repeat words.
Skyword Content Marketing Platform: Where Brands Connect with Customers
Skyword Content Marketing Platform: Where Brands Connect with Customers
Skyword offers an enterprise content marketing platform in Skyword360, a global community of storytellers, and i...
Must create a team building related to the event in this case is swimming.
What is the trend ??low impact nobody can get hurt – workshop and create an enjoyable time for the staff.
Look what is the best about your competitors.
If the idea is a blog how can we drive the people to it??
Customer Acquisition Strategy for Startups: Guide to Acquire First 100 Customers
Customer Acquisition Strategy for Startups: Guide to Acquire First 100 C...
Arsalan Sajid
-What do you need to start a business? Three simple things: know your product better than anyone, know your cust...
The website above can help with assignment.
Please be clear objective, and make the text flow about the all concept.
do not forget the references please. the report in APA style.
Plus I'm attaching the files for the modules to help to do this work please.
kind regards Michelle

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Word Count: 1948 words including References

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