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it's a 300 no more words about what i have learned from the discussion (the discussion about business proposals)
here is the exactly what's require:
summarise key points you have learned from the discussion on the Discussion Forum.
Your post should include commentary on:
-How this discussion has added to your understanding of effective business proposals.
-What are the 3 key points you have learned from the discussion and how you can apply that knowledge in the future.
-Give one or more practical examples of how to apply that knowledge in your professional development.
-You must include reference to the literature.
o Use at least 2 in-text citations per post.
o Reference the sources (books, articles, or documents) using APA 6th style in the reference list.
the time due 11:00 in the morning please.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 346 words including References

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