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Knowledge Assessment (Written Tasks 1)
Read the scenario below with your group and discuss and use the information to complete the questions.
Due to expansion in your workplace you have just been given the role of Team Leader of a newly formed department. As this department is new there have been a number of team members employed who are relatively new and they have not yet received adequate induction and part of your role is to ensure that they are brought up to date and aware of the relevant provisions of WHS act, regulations and codes of practice.
1.1 Define what is WHS Acts and regulations. Define the term CODE OF PRACTICE and how it affects your role as a Team Leader:
1.2. How you will ensure your team members are aware of their WHS responsibilities under the various regulations and code of practice?
1.3. How you will provide your team members with information about your organisation’s WHS policies, procedures and programs?
1.4. How you continue to provide and clearly explain to your team, information about identified hazards and the outcomes of risk assessments and control?
1.5. List five (5) ways that a PCBU could provide clear explanations to team members about identified hazards and the outcomes of risk assessment and control.
1.6. When WHS policies changes occur in the workplace why is consultation between workers, supervisors and PCBU’s beneficial?
1.7. Explain the ways the Health and Safety officer would promptly record and communicate to the work team outcomes of consultation over WHS issues.
1.8. Why is it important to deal with WHS matter and legislative issues respond promptly to suggestions and concerns put forward by workers and others to management?
1.9. Outline the process you would use to ensure that any issues raised through participative arrangements and consultations are dealt with and resolved promptly and effectively?
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Skills Assessment (Practical Tasks 2)
2.1. What is a training needs analysis (TNA) and how would carry this out within the workplace?
2.2. How would you identify the gaps in the person’s skills and knowledge and submit a proposal to senior management for a formal health and safety training program for your workers? In your answer discuss the following:
a) What information would you include in the proposal?
b) How would you encourage senior management to support this initiative?
c) What procedures would you follow in gathering data and information to support your proposal?
d) How likely is it that this or a similar proposal would be accepted in your workplace?
e) Prepare a Training Plan (Appendix 6)
2.3 Your organisation has identified an increase in injuries to workers who use the new piece of plant equipment. You have been engaged to carry out a TNA and report your finding.
You have conducted a TNA (which took 2 days) and concluded that a training program will assist in reducing the rate of injury. The organisation has 20 people that require training and you will deliver this to groups of 4 over 5 days. The training of each group will take one day. Your daily rate is $360.
You need to calculate the total cost of the training take into consideration the following:
• The TNA already conducted and your training costs
• It will take you 5 days to develop the training program
• You need to conduct the training offsite as there is no facility in the workplace $195 per day plus
catering is available $25 per person per day (venue is complete with smart board/projector/DVD player)
• Training resource DVD $375
• Handouts $12 per person/ Admin support $28 per person
• Lost production is costed at $320 per person per day
2.4 Why is it important to evaluating training given to people in the organisation and how do you determine how effective the training has been?
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