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I am sending you my assignment details on my unit named -Ethical and legal issues in health care-. Could you please provide me the quote.
Topic :Human clinical trials in drug testing
(2000 words) due in September
Identify the key ethical and legal issues relevant to this topic and discuss the relationship between them. Your discussion should include arguments “for” and “against”.
In the course of your discussion you should refer to the relevant legislation and Australian case law.
In the course of your discussion, you may make use of a framework/model for ethical decision-making, but this is not mandatory.
In the course of your discussion, you should refer to at least two theoretical perspectives on ethics. Indicate whether these perspectives were useful or not in determining your final ethical position.
RESEARCH relevant literature, using a minimum of 8 sources to support your analysis and argument, including your textbook (suggested references are also provided in the additional reading list section of this learning guide).