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Assessment Task 1: Individual Business Case
Assessment Details
Due Date Week 5: Sunday 23:55 [11.55pm].
Weight 20% of final grade
Length 1,500 words
You are to develop a short business case, identifying a need for change within a firm or organisation, and develop the components required to “sell” the project, including any resources, (e.g. IT System), to deliver the proposed change, to senior management in the firm or organisation.
Part of this assignment is to develop a business case format. The business case should contain details of the project background, measurable objectives, current situation, problem/opportunity statement, critical assumptions and constraints, analysis of options and recommendations, preliminary project requirements, budget estimate and financial analysis, schedule estimate, and potential risks.
The project business case should be presented in the appropriate report format and include referencing in the APA style as appropriate.
So make sure you use a variety of quality sources. The paper must show a definite comprehension of the material and be free from errors, written in MS Word and submitted as one document.
Criteria used to grade this task
• report content and structure;
• quality of business case;
• quality and accuracy of financial analysis;
• in-text references and reference list; and
• presentation
See attached marking guide for detailed mark allocation.
Task Assessor
Suggested time to devote to this task
A suggested minimum of 20 hours
Submission details
Assignment is due at the end of week 5. Submission will be online via Moodle.
Feedback and return of work
Feedback and grades will be communicated via Moodle within two weeks of report submission

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1551 words including References

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