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Assessment Task 1: Individual Research Essay
1) Assessment Details
The international manager Purpose:
Describe, using academic references, the international challenges and possible opportunities for managers operating in a global environment.
Provide a recent practical example of an Australian organisation which has faced the challenges of international competition and expansion. You can use companies which have been in recent news, such as Qantas, or Ford, for sources.
Give your personal view of how some of the conflict generating and solutions could have been handled in a more effective process.
You will find chapters 1, 2, 3, and 9, 11, 14 from Luthans & Doh (2014) particularly relevant, along with other readings.
2) Criteria used to grade this task
1. Style: Essay
2. Due date: Week 5
3. Contribution to assessment: 25%
4. Word limit: 2000 (please include a word count)
• Good understanding of international environment, challenges facing managers operating in a global business environment.
• Demonstrate insightful interpretation of the conflicting context and apply relevant frameworks and management principles to analyse and critique the management solutions.
• A clear logical flow between paragraphs.
• Comprehensiveness of argument, given word limit.
1) Task Assessor Lecturer
2) Suggested time to devote to this task
A suggested minimum of fifteen hours revision time
3) Submission details
Students are required to submit an electronic copy of their assignment to the Turnitin submission link (via the course Moodle page) in week 5.
4) Feedback and return of work
Marked assignments shall be returned to students within two weeks. If more time is required, the lecturer shall inform students in advance.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2167 words including References

Topic: Qantas airlines

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