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CO4830 IT Projects & Programmes Assignment 2019
Hand-out: 27/6/19 INDIVIDUAL WORK: 12/8/19 before midnight
Assignment Weight: 50%
Learning Outcomes:
This assignment assesses the following Learning Outcomes:
• Identify and evaluate appropriate approaches for team working and involving stakeholders
• Describe and critically assess IT project and programme stages and processes
You now need to work INDIVIDUALLY and reflect on your experience of team work. Read some of the recommended literature as part of this process and write an individual report
Individual Report (1,000 words +/- 10%)
1. Report:
a) Describe 2 theories or models of team work in the workplace.
b) Use these theories/models to identify 3 or 4 problems you have experienced in the team work you did for this module or any other experience of team work (in the workplace or as a student in other situations).
c) Identify techniques or approaches that could help to solve the problems you have identified, and describe how they should be
2. References: Reference correctly by citing in the text and listing references fully at the end using any appropriate format. I expect to see about 5-8 references
Make sure you write in your own words and where you use the ideas of others, cite a reference. Do NOT use cut and paste. Do NOT cut and paste and use a rephrasing tool or a thesaurus, because the resulting text usually does not make sense. Summarise rather than quote, using points from your sources to support your own arguments. If you must quote, make sure you use quotation marks.

Grading Criteria
Individual Report
The Individual Report will be marked to a pass grade
To obtain a Pass grade 52%/55%/58%, you must have:
• Written a report that addresses all 3 aspects of the question asked, and is written at an appropriate level
• Include 5-8 good quality references
To obtain a Fail grade 50%, you will have;
• Omitted one of the required elements or completed it very poorly

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1343 words including References

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