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Assessment Task 1: Research Report
• Analyse the connections between and impacts on an organisation's strategy and innovation processes of social,technological, economic and environmental changes
• Apply strategic management principles, analytical tools and concepts in the construction and/or critique of a strategic plan
• Justify strategic recommendations and actions in a challenging business context
Task: This task requires application of strategic planning threshold concepts, principles and tools to a company
Length: 3000 words, excluding executive summary, references and appendices Due: Monday 26th August 2019
Detailed Task: Tata Motors (TM) is an Indian car manufacturing Company. TM manufactured cars command a substantial market share in India, and neighbouring countries. This year, the company has decided to relocate its manufacturing to Europe so that it enters and service the European market. However, with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the company is looking at relocating its manufacturing to another country in Europe and has identified four potential countries: Germany, France, Italy and Spain.
The selected country is Italy. You are to write a report identifying key strategic issues that will confront TM and give clear strategic recommendations that TM will need to adopt to excel amidst Brexit uncertainty. In preparing your report, you are required to link your arguments to the course content, and to use relevant data to support your suggestion as to why the selected country would be appropriate (or inappropriate) for manufacturing. In particular, the use of PESTEL. Porter's Five Forces. VRIO and SWOT analysis are required for this assessment task.
Please Note: TM manufacturing relocation is purely hypothetical but TM is a real company with its key statistics and key information easily available. Also, the relevant information may be collected from annual reports or other published articles such as those available from the library electronic database, as well as other media. The purpose of this assessment is to analyse the potential of the country as a host-market for manufacturing (macro-level analysis), and critical internal resources required to succeed in a foreign market. Also, industry level information (automotive) and comprehensive internal and industry analysis will also be required in the report. Importantly, the report will be expected to include strategic issues with the potential to impact TM and detailed recommendations on how TM can navigate through these issues.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3500 words including References


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