Recent Question/Assignment

Weighting: 20% of total marks
Due date: 5pm Friday, week 5
Length: Maximum 1,200 words
Please choose one of the following topics to discuss:
1. Explain evolutionary stages in internationalisation of an MNC and provide practical examples for each.
2. Define and discuss advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing and the role it plays in a global context. Practical examples are essential.
3. Discuss the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in today’s world. Give practical examples for your arguments.
4. Given your own knowledge and experience, please state whether you are from a high context or a low context culture and why? Analyse a case study when a company from a high context background working with one from low context background, and how they overcome obstacles.
5. What is your opinion of e-business and e-commerce and their roles in today’s world of business?
Analyse a case study to support your ideas.