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BSBMGT617 Assessment Task 1 - Business Plan
Purpose of assessment task:
To demonstrate skills and knowledge required to run a business operation and covers the steps required to develop and implement a business plan.
It applies to individuals who are running an organisation or who take a senior role in determining the effective functioning and success of the organisation. As such, they may oversee the work of a number of teams and other managers.
Performance and knowledge evidence to be assessed
Evidence of the ability to:
• · analyse and research business vision, mission, values, objectives, goals, competitors, financial targets, management arrangements, marketing approaches and strategic, business and operational plans
• · write a business plan which includes a description of the business, products and services, financial, physical and human resource requirements, permit and licence requirements, marketing activity, financial indicators, productivity and performance targets for key result areas
• · implement a business plan including ensuring skilled labour is available, and that training is provided where appropriate
• · monitor and respond to business performance including evaluation of performance against key results indicators including profit and loss, community awareness or branding, environmental impact, governance, quality, sales, triple bottom line and the workforce
• · consult, communicate with and report to key stakeholders including business partners, financiers, customers, staff and technical advisers
• · provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan.
Knowledge Evidence
To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:
• · outline processes for developing business plans
• · describe performance objectives and measures including key performance indicators
• · identify key stakeholders.
Methods of Assessment:
Preparation of business plan report.
You will be assessed on your demonstrated understanding and application of knowledge of the learnings from this unit as per the marking guide.
Description of the assessment
For this assessment students are required to work individually. Your task for this assessment is to create a business plan. You may select any type of business, however it must be a startup and you cannot buy an existing business or franchise.
The following sections must be included in your business plan:
• · Business Profile
• · Marketing Plan
• · Production Plan
• · Purchasing Plan
• · Personnel Plan
• · Financial Plan
It should be presented in a business report format and will include Cover Page, Table of Contents, all required sections, references and appendices with supporting information (not separate documents). If you are unsure of the detail within each section refer to the template and other learning resources.
It should have consistent layout, headings, page numbers, references in Harvard Referencing format must be included where you are quoting data, statistics, facts or text that is not your own work. You must have correct spelling and grammar, written in the style of the 3rd person. You are encouraged to be creative in the presentation of your report. You may include, diagrams, images, charts, logos etc. .
The level of detail and analysis you include will be reflected in your marks, you should ensure that all statistics and facts that are included are relevant and support your business plan.
Your assessment will be marked using the attached Business Plan Marking Guide.
Assessment method used:
Written Report
Select appropriate assessment type:
Competency based ? Competent + grading/mark ?
Due Date: Refer to Moodle
Length: minimum of 2500 words
Marks: 80 marks

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2627 words including Graphs and References

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