Recent Question/Assignment

Assignment One: Due August 21st , Wednesday, 11pm
Professional Task (Will link to Assignment 2)
Assignment 1 Details In order to complete this assignment you need to:
— Using the Stage 6 Syllabus for Standard Mathematics 2 create an engaging unit of work for Year 11 (4-6weeks in duration- comparable to 1000 -1200 words). — In the unit of work ensure you meet the learning needs of senior students, target relevant knowledge and skills outcomes, apply assessment for learning principles, differentiate the learning for diverse students and address important general capabilities such as literacy, numeracy and ICT. — Create three original professional resources you would use in the program (eg: scaffolds, sources, teaching models, expositions, inquiry strategies).
— Analyse the Stage 6 Standard Mathematics Syllabus for your teaching area and discuss how the unit of work aligns with your own professional beliefs about the curriculum and addresses the learning needs of adolescent senior students.
— In this discussion consider the curriculum intent of the syllabus and how you as a teacher enact this. You may include discussion on;
— How you address motivation and engagement issues for senior students; sociocultural learning theory about adolescent learning and pedagogic theories that relate to your teaching area, and the intent of the syllabus/curriculum area (500-800 words).