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You are working as IT Specialist for AIBT Corporation, Sydney. Currently they
Have a flat where they have their HR and the Finance department. As the number has grown significantly, They have acquired the new building and have placed the Sales and marketing department in the new building.
Currently AIBT is using the peer-to-peer network consists of eight IBM compatible PCs (Intel Pentium Duo Core 1.6MHz) running Windows XP and two Canon iR C3080 printers. You have noted that much of co-axial cabling runs across the floor and are serious OH & S issues.
(COMPANY NAME) has fifteen IBM compatibles PCs (Intel Pentium Duo Core 1.6 MHz), one Hewlett Packard HP800N Laser and one Hewlett Packard HP4500DN color printer. The IBM PCs are running Windows 7 connected to peer-to-peer using coaxial cables.
You are recommended to connect the two sites so that IT will be easier for them to work. You have been asked to maintain the basic router security on both the routers.
You are also recommended to install separate file server in the network was approved to allow effective sharing of information resources and increase security and overall productivity. It is expected that there will be heavy sharing of data between two offices.
Objectives (PC 3.1,3.2,3.3)
Part 1: Examine the Network Requirements
Part 2: Design the VLSM Addressing Scheme
Part 3: Assign IP Addresses to Devices and Verify Connectivity
In this activity, you are given a /24 network address to use to design a VLSM addressing scheme. Based on a set of requirements, you will assign subnets and addressing, configure devices and verify connectivity.
Step 1: Determine the number of subnets needed.
You will subnet the network address The network has the following requirements:
? SW-1 will be configured for the HR department which will require 7 host IP addresses
? SW-2 should be configured as the Finance department which will require 15 host IP addresses
? SW-3 should be configured for the marketing department will require 29 host IP addresses
? SW-4 should be configured as the sales department which will require 58 host IP addresses
Step 2:
? Document what kind of legislation and WHS were implemented (1.1)
? Arrange the access to the facility (1.2)
? Review the existing design documentation and implement your design(1.3)
? You are to design the network topology.
? Create the IP addressing table
? Select and Contact vendors for the specifications such as the switches you will be using, the routers, the cables and complete the cost analysis (1.4 , 1.5, 2.3)
? Develop the plan with task priority and contingency arrangement (1.6)
? Get the client sign off for the preliminary concept. (1.7)
? Determine the basic routing requirements and its operating parameters (2.1 , 2.2)
? Upgrade the firmware on the router (2.4, 2.5)
? Configure the basic router security(2.4, 2.7)
? Configure and Verify the classless routing protocols such as EIGRP
? Save and backup the router configuration files (2.4, 2.6)
? Trouble shoot the devices (4.1)
? Document the common problems with the IP addressing (4.2)
? Provide the brief report

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