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You are working as an IT System & Network Engineer at Perfect Technology. You have been given a project to design a server to a new customer called First Couriers Pty Ltd.
First Couriers Pty Ltd is a courier service agency. Currently First Couriers has got 2 Oracle Linux servers (one in each office) and two network printers. Management is planning to open two new branches in Werribee & Thomastown and planning to have 5 more computers and a Printer each.
Each of the Werribee and Thomastown sites will have a network switch to provide interconnection to all the devices within each office, and a WAN link of 1 Gbps will be used to link the two sites together. You have been told that there are ports available on both switches to connect a server if required. Spare network cables are also available, so these do not need to be purchased. You have also been told that the new server should be located in the Werribee office, as there are more employees connecting in at the Werribee office
The management wants to make IT management simple since they don’t have a full-time IT support officer. Mr. Jones, the First Couriers Office Manager, has been designated as the customer contact for you do discuss specific requirements. Mr. Jones has also made it clear that the implementation budget for this new server is $10,000 (includes both hardware, software, and labour costs). Mr Jones will be the person who will arrange your access to the site, and the client person who will sign your work off once you have completed the installation of the server. You will need to confirm any out-of-hours access to the site you require with Mr. Jackson, the facilities manager, who is responsible for physical security for the site overall.
You have costed your labour costs at $2000, and your software licensing costs at $2000. That leaves $6,000) for server hardware. Preliminary analysis by your colleagues has identified the Dell Power Edge T440 Tower Server as a good fit for First Courier.
First Couriers also has 500 GB of data on their old Windows 2008 servers, and they want to make sure that they can migrate that data onto the new servers. They will keep the old Windows 2008 servers, but they want to make sure they will not lose any data in the migration exercise.
First Couriers has approached Perfect Technology to provide a solution to manage their IT needs easily.
You as an IT System Engineer must prepare a design report and submit it to First Couriers for their feedback. Once the client agreed to the design, you will have to install and setup the servers.
First Couriers are very security conscious and want to know what security measures exist in the server to secure their environment.
First Couriers are also very safety conscious and want to make sure all work on their servers is done in a way that is consistent with all applicable workplace health and safety requirements. You should also explain how any risks encountered in implementing the server will be managed.
First Courier currently run a MySQL server application and want to know whether this will run on the new server.
First Courier want to be able to monitor hardware resource usage by the server, and to be able to sop and start network services as needed. They are unsure as to whether they need a third-party application for this and would like your advice.
In your design report, you must propose to implement a Windows domain network and run a local active directory server with DHCP, DNS, File Server and other services. You also need to provide details of server applications compatibility issues and resolution procedures.
1. Identify the client, and verify the requirements that the client has expressed in this case study
2. Address the business problems, opportunities, scope, objectives and budget. (For this task, you should write down what you believe the key business problem to address is with the server installation, and also think how you would orally question/confirm this with Mr. Jones (as your trainer will question you about this in the classroom or labs).
3. Specify the server specifications.
4. Specify the required network services.
5. List the server applications
6. Identify and document server applications compatibility issues and resolution procedures
7. List the security requirements, including authentication and authorization.
8. Plan and explain redundancies.
9. Produce the installation check list.
10. Identify any required third-party applications that are required to meet the customer requirements
11. Describe how the new server will be implemented, and whether any prototyping of the solution will be done. You should also produce a design of your server implementation, documenting which services will be installed on the server
12. Analyse and describe data migration methods required for the client.
13. Develop test plans to check system requirement
14. Develop test plan to check the performance
15. Describe how you will ensure the work is completed according to WHS requirements, including any risk management procedures needed
16. Explain the work sign-off procedure to the customer, including any cleanup required of the worksite and handover procedures
17. Describe a backup and restore strategy for the server
18. Describe how you will liaise with the customer representative and other personnel to gain access to the site
19. Describe how the server will be connected to the existing network

This assessor checklist is to be used when assessing the students in the associated task. The checklist below must be completed for each student. Please refer to separate mapping document for specific details relating to alignment of this task to the unit requirements.
Student Name:
Assessor Name:
The student must satisfactorily complete Written Report to the standards outlined below.
Has the Student? Satisfactory or Not Satisfactory
1. Identified the client and verified the requirements
2. Addressed the business problem.
3. Specified the server specification.
4. Specified the required services.
5. Listed the server applications.
6. Listed the security requirements
7. Identified server applications compatibility issues and resolution procedures
8. Documented server application compatibility issues and resolution procedures
9. Planned and explained redundancies.
10. Produced the installation check list.
11. Identified any required third-party applications
12. Created a prototype of the design and documented it
13. Explained data migration methods to server from computers.
14. Developed test plans to check system requirement
15. Developed test plan to check the performance
16. Explained high availability options for servers
17. Notified the client in written about the server status
18. Documented the configuration details.
19. Prepared the site according to enterprise WHS processes and procedures
20. Identified the safety and risk measures
Assessor Use Only
Assessor Comments
Satisfactory (S) / Not Satisfactory (NS)
Assessor Signature: _______________________________
Date: _____________

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