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You are working as IT Specialist for AIBT Institute, Sydney. Currently AIBT is using 1 server and 1 router with 1 switch. As AIBT is growing there has been requirement of the VLAN topology where there will be 3 VLANS one for Guest, one for faculty/staff and the one for the students. So that everyone can access the information securely. You have been given the following table in order to configure the required settings
AIBT has acquired two more switches keeping in mind the further increment.

• Document what kind of legislation and WHS were implemented (1.1)
• Arrange the access to the facility (1.2)
• Review the existing design documentation and implement your design(1.3)
• You are to design the network topology.
• Create the IP addressing table

• Select and Contact vendors for the specifications such as the switches you will be using, the routers, the cables and complete the cost analysis (1.4 , 1.5,2.3)
• Develop the plan with task priority and contingency arrangement (1.6)
• Get the client sign off for the preliminary concept. (1.7)
• Determine the network segmentation, basic traffic management and basic switching requirements requirements (2.1)
• Perform, save and verify initial switch configuration tasks.
• Upgrade the firmware on the switch (2.5)
• Configure the basic switch security(2.4,2.7)
• Save and back up switch configuration files (2.4,2.6)
• Determine enhanced switching technologies(3.1)
• Configure and Verify VLANs as per the table (3.2)
• Configure and verify the trunks between the switches (3.3)
• Configure and verify the inter-VLAN routing (3.4)
• Configure and Verify the Spanning tree protocol(STP) and Rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP)
• Troubleshoot device configuration and network connectivity(4.1)
• Identify and resolve the common switched network issues (4.2)
You are to provide the brief report outlining all the required areas. You need to configure and show all the work done as screen shots and also need to provide the configuration for all your switches and the router. You are to also provide the packet tracer file that you created for this.

Zip Archive file having Word Document and .pkt file

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 533 words including Screenshots

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