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Due 12th August 23:59WST
Use several self-created texts as the basis for discussion around the development of your professional writer identity and your understanding of processes of written composition. Apply this experiential
knowledge, along with theories of literacy, to construct a pedagogy of writing to be applied in the classroom to meet the needs of a diverse range of young developing writers.

Assessment 3: Exercise
This assignment requires you to create a Learning Portfolio of Writing to include:
Section 1: A discussion of how your identity, as a writer, and your understanding of the processes of written composition have developed during the unit.
In addition to citing supporting references to the literature, draw on entries in your writers journal and at least three pieces of polished writing (developed from the vatters journal) to demonstrate your self-exploration as a writer (1000 words).
Give each of the three pieces a title and append them to section 2. When referring to each piece in the text reference the title.
Section L• Explain how this emerging self-knowledge as a writer and the writing process, will inform the way you could work with students to develop their writing. justify your approach with reference to research evidence, the theories of writing introduced in the unit, literacy teaching strategies and academic citations (1000 words).
Assignment 3 Assessment Rubric
Attached Files: 111 A3 Rubric.docx (12.638 KB)
Use the attached rubric alongside the assignment guidance to support your writing of the assignment.
Additional Materials to Support your writing of Assignment 3
Please find below some references that might be helpful in your writing of Assignment Three...

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