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Assignment 1: Assessment Specification for ITECH1001
• Due date: Week 4 Thursday 2019
• Total Marks: 50
• This assignment is 10% of the total assessment for this course
This document provides the details for the three assessment tasks of this course, these being:
1) individual annotated bibliographies ;
2) a group presentation; and
3) a group report.
Course Objectives
The assessment tasks specified in this document address a number of the objectives of this course; these being:
• use a range of effective communication strategies;
• deliver effective oral presentations to an audience;
• write professional letters, memos and reports using correct grammar and spelling;
• work independently and in teams; and
• adapt a communication strategy to suit the audience.
Due Dates & Assessment Weighting Summary
Assessment Item Due Date Weighting
Annotated Bibliography Thursday - Week 4 10%
Group Report Thursday - Week 9 25%
Group Presentation During timetabled tutorial/laboratory in Week 11 15%

See the Course Description for further details.

Group Formation
Students will be placed into groups of size 4-5 during their normal tutorial session. Groups will be provided with the opportunity to work on their assignments within the normal tutorial and laboratory time. It is expected that students will also have to work outside of class in order to complete the tasks. Each student is expected to write an annotated biography on three resources related to their section of their team’s topic. The three resources used for the annotated bibliographies should be one book, one journal or conference paper and one website.
All of the three assessment items listed above will use only one topic. This will be allocated from the following:
1) Cyber security;
2) Wearable IT;
3) Natural Language Processing;
4) Swarm Robotics; OR
5) Open source software/freeware.

Annotated bibliography
1) The group is required to develop an initial mind map on the topic that they have been allocated. The mind map will be basis for the annotated bibliography evaluating the resources investigated and will be further developed in the Group Report task.
2) Each member of the group should be allocated one part of the mind map for their individual work. Please note that all branches of the mind map DO NOT have to be investigated.
3) Each member of the group is required to work by themselves to create an annotated bibliography using the templates provided in this document.
4) Each member of the group is to prepare a time estimation sheet based on the exercise in Tutorial 1, on the estimated time to complete the tasks for Assignment 1.
5) Three different types of resources are to be used; these being a journal article, a book, and an academically suitable website (ie NOT Wikipedia). You are only required to complete one of each type for the assignment, however you may elect to complete more to assist you with your group report.
6) Your annotated bibliography should include a summary of the resource, an evaluation and the reason(s) why the resource has been selected for use. Writing should be completed using correct spelling and grammatically correct paragraphs. Bullet points/lists should be used sparingly. Overuse of bullet points and/or lists will result in marks being deducted. As a guide, each annotated bibliography should be approximately one (1) page in length.
7) Your annotated bibliography should be completed using the templates provided at the end of this document.
8) Each student should write a short paragraph reflecting on the time estimation task. The reflection should discuss thinks like the effectiveness of using a time estimation sheet, how it impacted on the way you undertook the tasks, what you would change if you had to do it again, etc.
9) Each student is to complete a time estimation sheet for the group report in assignment 2. Use the experience of finding and writing up resources for the annotated bibliography to base your tasks selection and time estimates.
Submission Requirements:
Each student is required to submit a single pdf document that includes:
• the individual annotated bibliography;
• a time estimation exercise and reflection for the annotated bibliography
• a time estimation exercise for the group report; and
• a copy of the mindmap highlighting the area that the bibliography covers.

Marking Guide – Annotated Bibliography
Task Marks Allocated
• Summary of each resource
• Relevance of resources
• Reason for use
• Evaluation of resources
• Spelling and grammar
• English expression
Time estimation for Assignment 1
• Breakdown of tasks in to sub-tasks
• Accuracy of time allowed for sub-tasks
• Application of formula and final time estimation
Reflection on time estimation task
• Problem solving and critical thinking
• Discussion of usefulness and how activity’s impact
• English spelling and expression
Time estimation for Assignment 2
• Breakdown of Assignment 2 in to sub-tasks
• Accuracy of time allowed for sub-tasks
• Application of formula and final time estimation
Presentation /2
Total /50
Note: More detailed marking rubric and guide are available on Moodle.

Template for time estimation tasks
Note that the number of sub tasks (rows in the table) are for example only and have no relationship to the actual number of task you consider appropriate for Assignment 1 or Assignment 2.
Time estimation for assignment 1
Task Best time (OD) Worst Time (PD) Estimated time (ED)

Note this exercise was part of the Week 1 tutorial. Please review the activity from Week 1 to help you complete this part of the assignment.
Formula for time taken (Duration = D):
D = ((1 * OD) + (4 * ED) + (1 * PD))/6

Time estimation for group report, assignment 2
Task Best time (OD) Worst Time (PD) Estimated time (ED)

Note this exercise was part of the Week 1 tutorial. Please review the activity from Week 1 to help you complete this part of the assignment.
Formula for time taken (Duration = D):
D = ((1 * OD) + (4 * ED) + (1 * PD))/6

Annotated Bibliography Templates (one for each resource type)
Website Title: Author:
URL: Date accessed:
Publication/last updated year:
Summary of site
Reasons for use

Title of article: Author:
URL (if available): Date accessed:
Journal Title:
Year of publication: Page Numbers:
Volume no: Issue no:
Summary of article
Reasons for use

Title of chapter/section:
Title of Book (include edition number)
Author (s):
Year of publication: Relevant Page Numbers:
Publisher Location
URL (if available): Date accessed:
Summary of section/chapter being used
Reasons for use

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