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Aim of assessment:
One important way that infants and young children learn about their world is through their psychosocial development. This assessment item aims to provide you with an opportunity to explore the psychosocial development of children in more detail. Throughout the unit, you will examine psychological, social (psychosocial), cognitive and moral components of human development and understand the relationship of these to the shaping of an individual’s self-concept. Commencing in infancy with attachment to parents and caregivers, psychosocial development, according to Erikson, continues throughout the lifespan and involves interactions with caregivers, peers, educators, and the wider social context. This development may be influenced by a variety of normative (expected) and non-normative (deviations from usual) events or circumstances which influence infant and early childhood development (Hoffnung et al, 2019).
Scenario Case Study 1: Bachelor of Midwifery students only
Read the following Case Study scenario:
Charlotte is 6 weeks old and has been exclusively breastfed since birth. Her mother Meg is 33 years old and is a first time mother. She is currently on 9-months maternity leave. Meg has noticed that Charlotte has some unsettled periods throughout the day and night where she cries periodically, however she enjoys tummy time and is content when being cuddled by herself and her partner Joe. Joe is also on leave from work, but is resuming work in a week’s time. Meg is feeding Charlotte every four hours and reports that she is very tired, but that she has taken her midwife’s advice, and is resting when the baby is sleeping. The midwife reports that Charlotte is gaining weight, and Meg and Joe are adjusting well to parenthood, playing gently with their infant and interacting with her when she is awake.
Essay Topic:
Drawing on relevant nursing, midwifery and social science literature, and using two examples from scenario Case Study 1, write an essay on the following topic:
What are some important aspects of psychosocial development and attachment that occur in infants aged between 0 - 6 months, and what may influence this development?
Scenario topic 2: Bachelor of Nursing students only
Read the following Case Study scenario:
Andrew, aged 2 and a half years, is attending day care three days a week for five hours each day while his mother Maria works part-time. Maria states that Andrew is speaking in four to five word sentences and communicating his needs well. Andrew’s father, Tom, is a full-time shift worker and he cares for Andrew regularly on his two days off each week. Maria explains that Andrew enjoys music, dancing and singing “silly” songs with his dad, herself and their large extended family. Andrew is Maria’s first child, and she is concerned that her son is not yet toilet trained during the day or night, especially since she has noticed that other children in day care seem to have mastered this skill during the day. Maria also has questions in relation to healthy eating and active play for Andrew, and the benefits of child care and play groups. The Child and Family Health Nurse has reassured Maria that Andrew is meeting all his developmental milestones and will soon gain daytime continence by the time he is three years old, or soon after. The Nurse has also educated Maria on healthy eating patterns and active play. The Nurse has referred Maria to a mother’s group in her local area to discuss strategies for toilet-training in a relaxed, informal environment with other parents.
Essay Topic: Drawing on relevant nursing and social science literature, and using at least two examples from scenario Case Study 2, write an essay on the following topic:
What are some important aspects of psychosocial development that occur in children between the ages of two and five years (2-5 years), and what influences this development?

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