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Assessment Task 1: Essay weighted 30%
Due date: Essay to be submitted to Turnitin by Monday 19th August by 11.59pm
Length: 1,500 words
Assignment question and details
First you need to select a case study. Note: There are numerous well publicised Employment Relations case studies for you to choose from including: underpayments in 7-Eleven franchises; enterprise agreements with Coles, Woolworths and Dominos; the 2016 Carlton and United Breweries outsourcing dispute; and the proposed pay cuts for Streets ice-cream workers and many more.
Question: As an employee of an organisation (case study) what approaches would you take and how would you involve colleagues, the union and management in a situation where employees’ entitlements have been compromised?
Details: In this essay you will be required to select one contemporary case study and you will be writing the essay from the perspective of an employee.
You are required to focus on one particular issue or situation where an employer or employers have reduced workers’ entitlements or bypassed normal regulatory standards.
Introduce the case study and explain the nature of the issue or situation. For example, the issue might be around underpayment of staff or it could be about compromised deals with unions.
Discuss the organisational (policies and procedures) and state/national (common law, awards etc) that shape employment relations in that organisation.
Outline how the issue or situation was/should be resolved and develop critical discussion.
This assessment will require a minimum of 10 references - including 8 refereed journal articles beyond 2009. The other two references can be one internet citation linked to your chosen case study and one government site for awards but no other internet site to be used or referenced.

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