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This assessment consists of thirteen (13) questions to assess your knowledge of BSBADM502 Manage meetings. You must answer all questions. You may use various sources of information including: text books, learning workbooks, other documents and the internet and you must list your sources.
1. Identify six (6) responsibilities of the chairperson at a meeting. (10-150 words)
2. How is a formal meeting different from an informal or semi-formal meeting? Who determines the rules of a formal meeting? (80-150 words)
3. What is the meaning of each of the following terms? (1 sentence each)
a) Agenda
b) Standing orders
c) Minutes
d) Motions
e) Amendments
f) Points of order
g) Quorum
h) Seconder
i) Casting vote
4. Name and describe the two (2) main methods of reaching a decision and give one advantage and one disadvantage of each. (100-200 words)
5. What information should formal meeting minutes include? (50-100 words)
6. In the table below, describe each meeting type listed and identify the technology required to run each meeting type.
Meeting type Description
7. Outline the importance of policies and procedures in relation to meetings (including legal requirements).
8. The behaviour of individuals within a group and the behaviour of the group itself can have an impact upon the meeting. In the table below, provide a description of each of the behaviour types listed and suggest a strategy to handle each type of behaviour.
Behaviour Description
Strategy to overcome
The Dominator
The Withdrawer
Side Conversations
The Griper
The Quiet Group
Group think
Dominant Personalities
Social loafing
9. Identify the reasons it is important to distribute meeting minutes promptly and within designated timelines.
10. Design a checklist for planning and preparing a meeting.
11. Explain four (4) considerations when filing meeting minutes.
12. Identify eight (8) factors to take into account when choosing the venue for a meeting. Provide a brief explanation for each factor.
13. Why should the Chairperson brief the Minute Taker and what should be included in the brief?

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Word Count: 1368 words including References

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