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ICTPMG401 - Support small scale ICT projects
ICT40115 – Certificate IV in Information Technology
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Sandesh Bista
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Note: The assessor may not mark this assignment if the above declaration is not ticked and signed.
Assessment instructions
Assessment can either be:
? Written
? Direct observation
? Project-based methods e.g. reports, role plays, work samples
? Questioning/ Interview
All assessment tasks should be completed in the class room, unless approved by the assessor. Prior to commencing the assessments, your trainer/assessor will explain each assessment task and the terms and conditions relating to the assessment tasks. Please consult with your trainer/assessor if you are unsure of any questions. It is important that you understand and adhere to the terms and conditions, and address fully each assessment task. Your trainer/assessor will remain available to support you throughout the assessment process.
Answering the questions for written assessments
Assessment tasks are used to measure your understanding and underpinning skills and knowledge of the overall unit of competency. While undertaking any written assessment tasks, please ensure that you type the following criteria in the space provide in the columns:
? Address each question including any sub-points as per the instructions provided with each question in the column
? Demonstrate that you have researched the topic thoroughly
? Cover the topic in a logical, structured manner
? Your assessment tasks are well presented, well referenced
Result & outcome
Once the learner has satisfactorily completed all the tasks for this module the learner will be awarded “Competent” (C) or “Not yet Competent” (NYC) for the relevant unit of competency.
Additional evidence
If GBC, at its sole discretion, determine that it require additional or alternative information/evidence in order to determine competency, you must provide us with such information/evidence, subject to privacy and confidentiality issues. GBC retain this right at any time, including after submission of your assessments.
Assessment appeals process
If you feel that you have been unfairly treated during your assessment, and you are not happy with your assessment and/or the outcome as a result of that treatment, you have the right to lodge an appeal. You must first discuss the issue with your trainer/assessor. If you would like to proceed further with the request after discussions with your trainer/assessor, you need to lodge your appeal, in writing, outlining the reason(s) for the appeal.
Special needs
Candidates with special needs should notify their trainer/assessor to request any required adjustments as soon as possible. This will enable the trainer/assessor to address the identified needs immediately.
If you feel you are not yet ready to be assessed or that this assessment is unfair, please contact your assessor to discuss your options. You have the right to formally appeal any outcome and, if you wish to do so, discuss this with your trainer/assessor.
Assessment Guidelines
Week 1 Task 2
Week 2 Task 1
Week 3 Task 1 (Report submission) & Task 3

Performance Evidence
Evidence of the ability to:
? Develop a project plan appropriate to the project objectives and the project proposal.
? Support the initiation, control and completion of a simple small-scale information and communications technology (ICT) project.
? Identify and apply requirements and expectations of a project according to the project plan.
Note: If a specific volume or frequency is not stated, then evidence must be provided at least once.
Knowledge Evidence
To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:
? Identify the different project-management and planning methods and tools.
? explain the characteristics of technical teams
? describe the different methods of communication and communication styles, including interviewing techniques
? explain the organisational values, policies and processes that may be relevant to the project ? describe the risks associated with small scale projects including:
• cost
• scope
• Timelines
Task 1: Case Study
Project Background
Following a successful tendering process, subject to final agreement on proposal, your IT software company, known as Software Technologies Enterprise (STE), has been selected to implement a new human resource software system for the regional office of a national company called AAA Services. They have 100 employees in their regional office. If your project plan is successful, it will result in an extension of the rollout of the solution to the organisation nationwide. STE develops and installs human resources (HR) software for many national and global enterprises. STE was selected on these main reasons:
? It had a software solution that could be purchased, and doesn’t need to be developed from scratch but requiring only minor changes.
? Renowned for creating reliable software.
AAA services requested the project objective, requirements, proposal, and budget; manage all aspects of software development, implementation, and rollout. It would also be heavily involved in developing the specifications for the software to ensure AAA Services’ needs are met. AAA Services also indicated that it wanted to receive weekly progress reports and that it is very particular about the quality aspects of the software package.
Project Brief
You have been appointed as the project manager to implement and manage the project plan of the HR Software through all offices of the organisation. Your brief is as follows:
? Stimulate the project plan control and completion of the HR software which is a Competencies and Skills Audit System for all employees
? Conduct training of all employees for the new software system if required.
System Specification
? The system will record the competencies and skills of staff members who are employed by AAA Services.
? It will be updated automatically when an employee attends an AAA Services training course.
? It must be able to generate reports for managers and project managers about employee skills.
? It must link with PMS (Performance Management System) which is a paper-based system.
? It will record significant projects that the employee works on and the skills gained.
? It will include competencies and skills that employees have gained through external courses and education
? Purchase of software and appropriate licences is expected to cost $5,000
Current system
? Paper-based information on competencies and skills gained on courses exists, but it is not updated regularly.
? Information on competencies and skills gained on projects exists, but it is not regularly updated.
? The PMS system is not related to target competencies and skills.
Bob Dwyer: HR manager for AAA services, Project owner sponsor.
Sonya Charles: Projects Teams Manager AAA services makes sure that projects get up and running quickly which includes ensuring project managers identify suitable team members quickly.
Glenda Higgins: AAA Services Training manager organises training programs for the company. She must ensure training is available to develop required skills. She ensures that organisation skills are developed through suitable training events.
Frank Mercer: AAA Services Network/Intranet Administrator, responsibility of managing intranet, feels overwhelmed in role, wants the network updated as a priority before any new systems are installed. Frank is suspicious of HR department being involved in IT matters.
Bill Smith: AAA Services Internal Database Consultant.
Jeremy Simms: IT Systems Consultant.
Anthony Roberts: AAA services responsible for the implementation project as a project manager
Linda Russell: AAA services Regional Director
In-house Stakeholders:
Project Manager: Yourself, Darryl Heaver: Business Analyst, Michael Chan: IT Specialist, Liz Walker: IT Specialist
1. Review the given case study and write objective of the project to discuss with the responsible person to make sure that objective is clear and understood.
2. Identify the project’s stakeholders (list of stakeholders and responsibility) to discuss the project’s objective and write the appropriate information to write the project’s requirements.
3. Once project objective and requirements are finalized you must prepare a project proposal report.
4. According to the case study prepare work break down structure (project tasks) and the resources required to complete the project.
5. Prepare a project schedule according to the realistic timeframe and allocate the cost required to complete the tasks.
6. Identify the team members and their tasks; also prepare risks management process for the unexpected events that may affect the projects objectives e.g. Cost management, change of management and system security etc.
Note: Assume that HR manager missed the last meeting in which the final project plan was discussed and you start developing the system. But he demanded not to proceed without his approval. Being a project manager choose the appropriate communication method and process to overcome the risk.
7. List the possible project deliverables and review the project plan to identify the delays or ensure that project activities meet the timeframe, scope, and costs.
8. Design a sign off form to verify that project deliverables meet project expectations.
9. Provide training if required to the user and ICT support documents of the system.
10. Design a form to obtain final project sign off from the sponsor and document the lesson learned at the closer of project.
Task 2: Written Questions
1. Identifying the different project management planning methods and tools
2. Explain different methods of communication and communication styles
3. Identify the organisation values and policies relevant to the project
4. Describe the risks associated with small scale projects, cost, scope and timelines.
5. Explain work breakdown structure
6. Identify problem solving process to tackling unfamiliar problems
7. What skills require to do research analyse information develop reports?
8. What technical skills require providing advice on system and data gathering products?
Task3: Multiple Choice Questions
1. _____________________is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.
a) Project management
b) Program management
c) Project portfolio management
d) Requirements management
2. A is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product service, or result. a) A program
b) The process
c) Project
d) Portfolio
3. Which of these is not one of the constraints of a project?
a) Scope
b) Resources
c) Team
d) Budget
4. The project you are managing has nine stakeholders. How many channel of communications are there between these stakeholders?
a) 9
b) 8
c) 45
d) 36
5. Which of the following should be taken into account when planning a project?
a) Political environment
b) Social environment
c) Operational environment
d) All of the above
6. Small-scale project management are characterised by the following factors.
a. short duration
b. low person hours
c. small team;
d. size of the budget
e) Balance between the time committed to delivering the project itself and the time committed to managing the project.
7. Five dimensions that must be managed on a project
a) Constraint, Quality, Cost, Schedule, Staff
b) Features, Quality, Cost, Schedule, Staff
c) Features, priority, Cost, Schedule, Staff
d) Features, Quality, Cost, Schedule, customer

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