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Historically the role and responsibilities of Customs have changed from what they were a century or even decades ago. In his article “The changing role of customs: evolution or revolution?” published in the World Customs Journal 2007, vol. 1. no. 1, pp. 31-7, , Professor David Widdowson concluded:
... it is no longer possible to clearly define the role of ‘Customs’. While the responsibilities of border management continue to be carried out, the nature and mix of relevant government agencies is changing. Consequently, what may represent core business for one administration may fall outside the sphere of responsibility of another. Indeed, ... the organism known as ‘Customs’ appears destined for extinction. (World Customs Journal, 2007)
Looking forward 10 years, how do you think your Customs administration might change and what do you believe the major roles and responsibilities of your Customs administration will be? Explain the reasons for arriving at your opinion. What international initiatives, agreements and/or organisations are likely to have an impact on the way your Customs administration will operate and how?
In completing this assignment it is expected that you will support your opinion by making appropriate references to relevant literature, statistics and case studies.

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Word Count: 2166 words including References

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