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Class Challenge 2

(1000 word)
Subject: Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management
You are the Asset Manager for Acme Utilities and you are concerned about maintaining a sound strategic direction for asset management within the organization. Last year, Deightons DTMS software was adopted by Acme Utilities as its asset management platform, and Phase 1 implementation of the system is scheduled to be completed in the next six months.
You have recently discovered that the Capital Projects group of Acme Utilities has implemented Autodesk‘s BIM360 Field for site and project management of capital projects.
You are aware from previous experience that planning for the interface between capital projects and asset management requires good planning (as illustrated in the rail example (Figure 1, Week 1 content). Both software platforms are a significant step forward for the respective groups within the organisation, and while they provide many benefits and opportunities, they also provide a number of challenges to long term asset management outcomes.
As Acme Utilities Asset Manager, your supervisor asked you to prepare a (1000 word) memo to the General Manager explaining your concerns, and your recommendations to address these concerns.
Your supervisor quickly noted some elements your memo should specifically address:
1. Benefits and opportunities of the current situation;
2. Risks and challenges associated with the current situation;
3. Recommendations to ensure that appropriate asset information is not “lost in the system”;
4. Recommendations to ensure that AM decision making retains a strategic focus, and benefits from these information innovations.
References for CC2
BIM360 Field

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1239 words including References

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