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2.5.1 Professional Task
Weight: 50%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: 7/8/2019 at 11:59pm
Submission: via Turnitin
Format: The assignment will require you to develop materials based on the syllabus to commence lesson planning for either Stage 4 and 5 in your Teaching Area. It will require you to differentiate and show learning across the curriculum. You should also refer to your Teaching Area Folder for specific assessment information.
Length: 2,000 Words
Curriculum Mode: Professional Task
Effective lesson planning to meet diverse student learning needs and the development of suitable, high quality and engaging resources are key skills needed in the classroom and a part of the professional work of teachers. This task requires you to develop these skills and explain your teaching and learning strategies and show how these develop learning outcomes from the syllabus for a range of students.
In order to complete this assignment you need to:
1. Construct three sequenced and coherent lesson plans (each plan is for 60 minutes duration) suitable for either a Stage 4 or 5 (Year 7-10) class based on the relevant syllabus from your Teaching Area (refer to the vUWS material for information related to your Teaching Area).
2. Prepare the full resources and scaffolds to be used in all three lessons (i.e. resources must be original).
3. Demonstrate across the three lessons appropriate and varied strategies to cater to diverse learners and show how learning will be formatively assessed in these lessons.
4. Include a range of tasks and relevant resources to develop literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills in your student learners.
5. Prepare a written rationale about your choice of teaching and learning strategies, showing how these plans connect to the syllabus and cater for learners with diverse needs. You should also describe how your planning choices are supported by learning theories, by including relevant citations to key learning theories and the models of pedagogy appropriate to your teaching area. This rationale should be referenced using APA 6th Edition.
Note: The lesson plans and resources should be equivalent to 1000 words and the written extended explanation should be 1000 words.
Assignments will assessed on how these documents address the following criteria:
– Demonstrates effective lesson planning that shows an understanding of the NSW Stage 4 & 5 Syllabuses to meet diverse learning needs (ULO 3, 4 & 7).
– Produces high quality, original resources and scaffolds to meet student learning outcomes and develop literacy, numeracy and ICT (ULO 3 & 7).
– Provides relevant examples of pedagogical approaches to the specific curriculum area, and competently integrates theoretical and research evidence to explain planning choices (ULO 1, 2).
– Presents work professionally, uses clear academic writing in the rationale, adheres to the word limit in the rationale, and uses APA referencing style correctly (ULO 4).
Please note: submitting or copying sections of previously submitted assessments is not permitted, and is an example of self-plagiarism (and academic misconduct).
Exemplars will be available on the vUWS site.
Stage 4 or 5 NSW Syllabus in your Teaching Area

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