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MSc Project Proposal
Do not add any front sheets or title pages. Read the notes in italics and remove before submitting. You should also delete this paragraph of text. Minimum page limit of 3 and maximum of 4 pages required. Around 1500 words.
Name: Course:
Supervisor (lecturer):
Current Modules (and previous modules if Computing or direct entrant)
Do not include level 1 modules. If you are taking the free route list all level 2/3 modules taken. If you are on a defined course, just list the optional modules taken.
The Project Title
Title of your project
Project Introduction
A summary of what you intend to achieve A brief description of the background and issues relevant to your project, which may include the benefits of undertaking the project and an outline of previous work in this area (e.g. other projects, information from clients/employers, results of an initial literature survey). Can be worthwhile thinking about your project as the solution to a problem: in which case state the problem and how your project solves it. ½ page
Literature Review
Identify some aspect of the project that is relevant and provide a brief literature review of this topic approx.. 1 – 1.5 page. Six references to appropriate articles and web pages that are relevant to your project. At least 3 of the references must be to journal papers. Your references must be given using the Harvard referencing style.
Method / Proposed Approach
Describe the software development methodology that you intend to use. If this is a research project what is the research question and how will you answer this. Provide enough detail so that the reader can understand your method and judge whether it is suitable. You can include an outline of tools and techniques to be used. In addition you should provide a brief Gannt chart for the 15 week duration of the project. This is an initial estimation by you of the tasks you think will be involved in doing your project and how long you think each will take. Rough estimates are fine.
Task 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Lit Review
Requirements Gathering
Potential Ethical or Legal Issues
List potential areas of concern or where special care may be needed. (e.g. working with children, personal information or an external client. Please do not write ‘none’ in this section. Every project has some issues that need to be considered, even if they turn out not to be issues. This must be completed to meet the learning outcomes of the project.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1659 words including GANTT chart and References

Topic: You say I paint

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