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Group Assignment of BAP71B
Group Assignment (10%)
This assignment is part of the continuous assessment and feedback. It is a group assignment with a maximum of 3 students in a group. Please note that this is a group assignment. No individual work will be accepted. Students must all contribute to the group work equitably.
Due date
Due date: 11: 55pm Sunday of Week 11 Via Moodle.
Word count: 1,500-2,000 words
Late submission
Late assignment will be penalized at rate of 10% per calendar day unless approved extension is provided. The extension for assignments need to be made through UBSS special consideration procedures. Assignments will not be accepted if more than five days late, unless prior approval has been given.
Research assignment
Your group is required to write a report. You are required to choose two listed companies on ASX, comment and compare on the corporate governance structure and how well the company has applied the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. In this assignment, you need to download 2018 annual reports of the two companies and read the disclosure on corporate governance.
The ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations is provided on Moodle for your information.
One member will be submitting the assignment via Moodle on behalf of the group. Please include a cover page including all member’s details (names and student numbers).
Marking Criteria
Please see the marking criteria provided in the following page.
Total marks Marks awarded
Executive summary
Identify clearly the objectives of the report
Clearly and accurately summarize the main findings in the report 1
Provide clear background information;
The aim(s) of the report are clearly stated
The plan on how the report will address the issues are clearly presented 1
Main body
Use several highly relevant primary literature to support the investigation of the identified issues.
A succinct, synthesized review of how similar issues have been address in the literature.
Excellent integration of sources to support argument.
Accurate citations and references to the annual reports and make good comparison and comments on the Corporate Governance of the companies chosen 5
Conclusion and recommendations
Excellent conclusion of the report with all main argument reiterated.
Provide clear and constructive recommendations 1
Accurate citations and references using Harvard style (both in-text reference and reference list). All sources cited. Appropriate paraphrasing and use of direct quotes
Total Marks 10

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1886 words including Diagrams and References

Selected Companies: Qantas Airways and Rio Tinto

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