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Marking Sheet
Unit: Marketing for Managers Term:
Assessment Task Number: AT3 Weighting: 35%
Assessment Task Title: Marketing Plan
Student Name: Student Number:
Academic Grading Criteria Marks Allocated Marks Awarded Comments
Report format including table of contents, executive summary, appendices, references 5
Clear and concise conclusions from the marketing audit
Micro Environment 5
Macro Environment 5
Company and CSF analysis 5
Undertook market research or identified requirements 5
Based on conclusions from the marketing audit, clear and concise marketing objectives and strategy (as follows)
Clearly described consumers including who they are, how and when they purchase (behaviour), and other influencers 5
Set of clear and SMART marketing objectives 5
Synthesis of core marketing strategy including segmentation, targeting, SWOT analysis, differentiation, positioning and value proposition 5
Clear and concise implementation program that relates to the marketing objectives and core strategy (as follows)
Product – clearly describes product offering, positioning, and other related objectives / strategies 10
Price – Has well-articulated pricing objectives and strategies 10
Place – Evidence of defined distribution strategy 10
Promotion – Illustrates well thought out promotional strategy including various areas of the promotional mix 10
Uses extended marketing mix as appropriate to the business 10
Demonstrates budgeting and sales targeting 5
Demonstrates plan monitoring and control 5
Total 100
Lecturer’s Comments:
Final Academic Grade
Fail Pass Pass2 Credit Distinction High Distinction
49% 50-54 55-64 65-74 75-84 85-100
Office Use Only
Lecturer: Pete Jeans

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3835 words including Diagrams and References

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