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Assignment 1
Develop a checklist of the factors you need to consider when you are preparing a client for a make-up service.
Assignment 2
Choose one contagious and one non-contagious skins disorder and list the questions you would ask a client to assist you to identify and/or confirm the condition.
Assignment 3
Conduct independent research online to identify and describe the appearance of the listed skin diseases or disorders below.
Boils and carbuncles
Herpes Simplex
Skin disease or disorder Description
Assignment 4
Complete the following table, describing each skin type and identify the associated skin conditions. Please create a table in Microsoft Word to complete this activity.
Assignment 5
Assignment 6
A. A client requests a make-up service for a portrait shot. You notice she has dry, flaky skin on the left-hand side of her face. All the rest of the skin appears to be normal.
Skin Type Features Associated skin
Choose three friends or work colleagues with different skin types and carry out a skin analysis. Identify a possible problem area and describe how you would apply highlight or shade products to correct the problems.
Read each of the following scenarios and make a note of what you would say to the client and if you would provide the make-up service. Give your reasons for your decision.
B. A young girl requests a make-up service for a debutante portrait. You notice she has a severe case of acne.
Assignment 7
Collect a series of photographs that feature a range of facial shapes. Make-up magazines are the best as they feature mainly faces. (Take photos or screenshots from online sources). Attach to your assignment.
Select three pictures featuring different facial shapes that you can easily identify. Choose pictures that are well lit where the faces are directed straight out to the camera and where there is enough light and dark contrast to clearly outline the shape of the face. Carry out a facial analysis for your selection of photographs.
Assignment 8
Find three contrasting photos of make-up for different contexts or occasions. Using a table, write down the ways a make-up design for each context was achieved for each client. Consider the most important make-up factors involved in creating each context and make some notes in the following table. These might include the following factors.
• Colour application (base, highlight and contrast colour areas) Were specific colours used to enhance photographic outcomes?
• Texture: frosted or sheen products?
• Detailed eye and lip make-up
• Photographic factors such as lighting.
Assignment 9
Perform three photographic sessions with a range of clients/friends where different types of light and lighting sources are being used, both indoor and outdoor locations and at different times of day. For each session make some notes on the following:
• context
• location
• make-up colours used and why
• lighting shade and source.
Assignment 10
Complete a make-up on yourself or a colleague and take a colour photo using a digital camera. Make a note of the appearance of the colours. Convert the photo to a black and white version and note the differences. What are the product choices you would make if the final photo was to be produced in black and white?
Assignment 11
Look at the following list of standard equipment items required to apply make-up for photography. For each piece of equipment note the health and hygiene regulations in your State or Territory.
Workplace procedures
Health and hygiene requirements
Artificial lashes Brushes Containers
Lash curlers Magnifying mirrors Make-up box Pallets Pencil sharpeners Spatulas Sponges
Assignment 12
1. Close set eyes
Aim: To draw attention away from the centre of the face
2. Small or deep-set eyes
Aim: To give more depth to upper eyelid
Use pale, matte colours on inner corner of eyelid to open up the space and darker eye shadows on the outer corner. Use eyeliner on the outer edge of the upper eyelid. Pluck eyebrows in the centre to create an allusion of a wider space between the eyes.
3. Wide set eyes
Aim: To draw attention to centre of face
4. Overhanging lids
Aim: To reduce the fullness of skin which creates the overhanging effect
5. Downward slanting eyes
Aim: To create a lift effect to the outer corners of the eye.
Assignment 13
Use manufacturers’ information and any other product knowledge information to find out more about two make-up ranges. Include the name, what skin types they cover and the advantages and disadvantages of each range. Lastly form an opinion as to whether a salon should carry your recommended range.
Assignment 14
Find a picture of a woman’s face in a magazine and list the make-up treatments you
would apply to each main facial feature and why.
Assignment 15
Find out what client protective covering you are required to use in a make-up workplace or what client protective clothing is used in a local business providing makeup services.
• What is the purpose of each piece of protective covering?
• What do you need to consider when you are using protective covering?
Assignment 16
1. You are expecting a client who would like to discuss a make-up for a wedding. She is attending as a guest. List what you would need to consider in creating a suitable image and using appropriate techniques and products?
2. A client approaches the make-up counter in the department store where you work. She tells you she has just got her first job and wants some advice on make-up. List what you would need to consider in creating a suitable image and using
appropriate techniques and products?
Assignment 17
Identify the most common types of make-up and what you need to consider when using this product for photographic purposes. List the products in the sequence in which you would apply them. The first one has been completed for you.
Assignment 18
Short-Answer Questions
1. What was once considered the ideal face shape?
2. What is the most highly light absorbing colour?
3. What is used to make a facial feature prominent?
4. Name the term used to describe a colour to which black has been added
5. Lighting that is used to separate hair from the background is called ?
6. Name two colours which are beside each other on the colour wheel.
7. What is added to get a tint of a colour?
Product type
The particular base applied in each case depends on the extent of coverage required for the context and the time and location of the photographic session. For example, on the catwalk, under stage lighting, in natural light, in a studio or in hot weather. Some make-up artists say that getting the base coverage correct is the most important aspect of any photographic make-up.
Considerations for photographic purposes
Assignment 19
Choose three friends or work colleagues preferably with different skin colours. Analyse
and record their skin colour, skin tones and skin undertones.
Assignment 20
Create a make-up plan and apply the make-up in similar conditions to those in which a photographic session would take place. Once you have made up the client or yourself, take a photograph and review your work. You may have to make small changes to the make-up. Under variable photographic conditions or during a long photographic session, you may have to reapply make-up. Once you have applied the make-up, complete a self-evaluation. Include any improvements you could make and attach photographs to your assessment (screenshots will suffice).

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