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Marketing – Situation Analysis Assignment
Choose an organisation intending to expand either through a new product development or a new business/market development. Requires to undertake the SWOT analysis of the chosen organisation. I prefer you to choose a small/medium scale Australian business but need to ensure that they have access to the company data that you need to work on this assignments. You are expected to summarise the situation analysis from this assessment while discussing this section within the marketing plan in the next assessment you will do later. So please be careful when you chose the company as it relate to the forthcoming assignments. So you can’t change the company later for next assignments which will due later of this subject.
Must follow the Structure below. (2000 Words)
1. Introduction – students should tease out the key issues/concepts related to the topic, Analytical framework/approach and an overall structure of the report, describing subsequent sections of the report.
1.1 brief but a comprehensive background of the organisation,
1.2 scope of the study,
1.3 Define the research problem
(part 1- about 200 words)
2. Analysis of Micro-Environment
2.1 Discuss the company mission, vision & objectives
2.1.2 Business portfolio and market position
2.2 Suppliers
2.3 Marketing Intermediaries
2.4 Competitors (must analyse and present data)
2.5 Publics
2.6 customers
(Don’t write too much general information. All data and information must apply to the company)
(part 2- about 500 words)
3. Analyses of Macro-Environment- explain how following factors will affect the business of your chosen organisation
3.1 Political,
3.2 Economic
3.3 Social
3.4 Technological
3.5 Legal
3.6 Ecological environment
In discussing the external environment, You must supplement relevant data on each of the PESTLE dimensions and link these data/translate to their chosen organisation. If you haven’t either provided relevant data or interpreted the data to demonstrate the effects on the chosen organisation will be sent back to redo. So you must present and analyse relevant data.
(part 3 – 600 words)
4. SWOT/TWOS analysis – this is the most important section of the report where you should synthesise the discussion of external and internal environment to list out strengths, weaknesses (summary of internal environment analysis), opportunities and threats (summary of external environment analysis). The most critical part is to articulate appropriate strategies drawing from strengths to capture opportunities, to overcome weaknesses and to defend from threats. So you must be able to articulate this section in a compelling manner. If this section lacks critical analysis and interpretation to suggest suitable strategies to the senior management to capture opportunities drawing from strengths, shield from threats and overcome weaknesses, you will not be awarded a Distinction or a High Distinction regardless of the quality of discussion, information provided and structure. So this is the most important part of the whole assignment and you should use SWOT/TOWS matrix as follows.
(part 4- The most important part about 500 words)
Conclusion – you should reiterate the research problem, overall objective and summarise the findings to illustrate strategic implications of the findings for the senior management of the organisation. (200 words)

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2321 words including References

Company Selected is Otherside Brewing Company

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