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Assessment 2
Choose one of the issues listed below and write a 700 word Opinion Editorial that crithe challenges with realizing aspirations of the common good in your professional co locally and especially globally.
Failure to provide communities with information on maternal and newborn health so th risks to look for, and so they can seek medical help early Not attending to the spiritual needs of patients
Increasing levels of loneliness and/or depression
Overworked medical and hospital staff
Dislocation (communities) and the role of the arts, humanities, education, law, or heali
Lack of access to clean water
Mistreatment of children who are in government custody due of immigration
Social media and the rise of violent extremism
Econonmc or political systems that put profits before human welfare
-The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer- -Ghosting-
Security glitches that allow phone developers (and users) to -eavesdrop- on conversa people) through their mobile phones without them knowing it
Lack of civility in public (or civic) discourse (and the role of the arts, humanities, educe
Unethical pricing (and excessive margins)
Additional information on how to undertake this assignment is available on the unit in Assessment Assiqnment 2 Extended Description
Please read the Assessment Overview and the assessment instructions, and tt rubric, on LEO carefully.
Due date: July 9, 5pm
Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format: 700 words.
Purpose: Building on the concepts and principles introduced in UNCCI 00 choos from the list associated with realizing aspirations of the common good in your profess community, locally and globally. Please note, for the opinion editorial you wrote for U were required to write about a local challenge, For UNCC300, you are required to wr challenge experienced both locally and
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NB: recycling your assessment from UNCCIOO or any other unit will be considered University Academic Honesty policy

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 908 words including References

Topic: Lack of Access to Clean Water

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