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Assessment: 2 – Develop and Present a Creative Brief (Project & Role play)
Submission details
The assessment task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.
Performance objective
You will demonstrate knowledge and skills required to lead work processes in a digital environment.
Assessment description
In response to the scenario provided, and following on from work completed on the brief for Assessment Task 1, you will use the brief from the client to develop a campaign creative brief to reflect the client’s requirements. You will then present the creative brief to the creative team and the creative director.
1. Read the following scenario.
You work in a creative team within a marketing agency.
Your agency has been given a marketing brief from the client. The marketing director has asked you to develop a creative brief to match the requirements of the client.
You are to plan and budget for the campaign. You will then present the creative brief, media schedule and budget to the rest of the team and the creative director.
For inspiration, the director has asked you to look at the following examples:
? Arguelles, A., 2011, ‘PayPal creative brief’, LinkedIn Slideshare,
? TOMS Shoes Team, 2011, ‘TOMS Shoes creative brief’, TOMS Shoes Team Blog, .
2. Meet with your assessor to agree on a suitable agency or organisation to use as the basis of this task and to agree on timeframes for completion of this assessment task.
3. Using the final marketing communication brief, in accordance with the scenario described above, produce a creative brief for presentation to a client, including the following.
a. Background/overview: What is the big picture? What is going on in the market? Anything happening on the client side that the creative team should know about? Any opportunities or problems in the market?
b. Objective: What is the goal of the communication or campaign? What do we hope to accomplish?
c. Target audience: Who are we talking to? Who is the intended target audience we want to move to take action against the objective? Ensure you:
i. describe or illustrate relevant media vehicles for the audience and objectives
ii. recommend primary and secondary media.
d. Consumer insight: What is the most important thing to say or show?
i. Use consumer language.
e. Reasons why: What are the most compelling reasons to believe, to try, to buy?
i. Ensure you identify pitch or appeal.
f. Desired response: What do we want consumers to think, feel or do as a result of this campaign? This is typically where you will outline the consumer journey and the call to action you want.
g. What else might help the creative team? Here is where you can include consumer insights, memorable quotes, a description of the brand personality, positioning taglines, etc.
h. Practicalities: Schedule and budget for each activity.
4. Arrange with your assessor a time and place to present the brief to the team and answer any questions they may have.
5. Present the creative brief to the team. Use your communication skills to:
a. actively participate in verbal exchanges by listening and questioning to clarify and confirm information
b. use appropriate language and non-verbal features to clarify, explain and present information on marketing activities.
6. Amend your creative brief on the basis of client feedback from the team and creative director.
7. Submit your draft and final creative briefs to your assessor within the agreed timeframe and to specifications below.
You must:
? participate in team creative brief presentation role-play ? submit completed draft and final creative briefs.
Your assessor will be looking for demonstration of the following foundation skills: ? reading skills to access information from the marketing brief ? writing skills to:
? use clear, specific and professional language for creative briefs
? use appropriate brief formats to present ideas and recommendations to the creative team
? numeracy skills to bring together and explain numeric information on measurable objectives, budgets and timeframes ? oral communication skills to:
? actively participate in discussion, use listening skills and explain ideas
? use appropriate language and body language ? creative planning skills to:
? plan to implement tasks to achieve outcomes, with an awareness of organisational requirements, time and budgetary restraints
? evaluate and select media options for the creative brief
? evaluate feedback and make improvements to the creative brief
? develop new and innovative marketing ideas for creative work through exploration, analysis and critical thinking.
Adjustment for distance-based learners
? No adjustments are required to procedure.
? Documents may be submitted electronically.
? The presentation may be delivered via teleconferencing tools.
? A follow-up meeting may be required (at the discretion of the assessor).