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CHCCCS015 Provide individualised support
On arrival you find Mrs. Green on the floor in her kitchen; she tells you she has slipped on some water about 20 minutes ago. She states that her right shoulder is very painful but that she can transfer to a chair with your assistance. Her nightie has ripped at the front and exposes her chest when you assist her to the chair.
As you start to assist her to the chair she cries out in pain which she states comes from her right shoulder area.
Mrs. Green tells you she slipped on water leaking from the bottom of the dishwasher — she had put a towel on the floor but the water had seeped through.
The family has stated to the Service Provider that if Mrs. Green falls again she will go into permanent care.
1. List the documents you need to complete
2. What do you do with the report when it is completed?
3. Name which policies and procedures need to be observed when recording this event
4. What factors affect Mrs. Green in the provision of support?
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