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Question 1: Module 1 (Week 2) - 400 words
Via the three elements below, address the uses/purposes of fixed infrastructure that might be unique to particular sport venues. Ensure in the first instance that you name the type of venue and sport that your responses relate to the following:
· Identify (name as in a list) up to 3 types of fixed infrastructure;
· Describe (define and list key characteristics) each of the 3 types, and explain
(state how it functions) each of the 3 types.
Question 2: Module 2 (Week 4 ) - 400 words.
Design a flowchart or similar visual or graphic that demonstrates your understanding of how all the aspects of Facility Management fit together, in their interrelationships.
This flowchart, visual or graphic, must reflect aspects such elements as operations components, overall management, key relationships, obligations, ownership and facility design and development components.
total 800 words but in separate reflective journal.
You guys can put journal 1 or journal 2.
do not forget the references
the material I need to send in individual email because the file is too heavy.
Above is the Module 1 part A

Editable Microsoft Word Document (Journal 1)
Word Count: 524 words including References

Editable Microsoft Word Document (Journal 2)
Word Count: 582 words including References

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