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MARK3085 Google Analytics Assessment
You’re a Web Analytics consultant and hired by the owner of the Google Merchandise Store to provide recommendations for some strategic decision making to improve sales performance.
They have granted you access to their Google Analytics account which you’d have to extract data and insights from to answer the owner’s questions. That’s the only information provided.
In the Google Analytics account, you’ll find that there is inconsistency in the reporting on ecommerce data. This is due to some payment tracking errors. The correct data has never been captured, so you’d have to work with the current data in Google Analytics and see that as your source of truth.
Write a website analytics report for the Google Merchant Store. Make sure that you:
• Create a proper report using MS Word, including cover page, index, headings, conclusion & next steps.
• Include in your report answers to the questions 1-6 outlined below. Dedicate a maximum of 2 A4 pages per answer, including visuals and text.
• Always provide rational to the insights you have gathered.
• Set your own time period to answer the questions. Make sure there is enough data to make conclusions with. Communicate the selected time range.
• Include tables and graphs from Google Analytics in your report (screenshots are allowed) to show the most important conclusion. Supporting data/tables should be included in the appendix. Use proper figure titles and appendix references.
Question 1: Monthly Comparison
The owner of the Google Merchandise Store has to report to Google HQ on why the results of August 2018 differ so much with July 2018. What are the 4 most notable differences? Try to come up with possible reason for why the results are different.
For your answers, evaluate:
• Ecommerce data
• Acquisition and behavioral data
• Channel performance data. Refer to specific channel, mediums, or sources when needed.
• Product sales data
Describe 1 point of difference for each of these points.
Question 2: Female Products & Campaign
The owner would like to attract more females to the website as currently most of the people visiting the website are males and is considering creating new or alter existing products for females and create a marketing communication campaign targeting females.
Based on the data in Google Analytics, what would you recommend the owner of the Merchandise Store in this regard?
Include in your answer a more specifics description of the female target audience, what type of products could work best for females (use the Acquisition Campaign Paid Keywords report), and which channel(s) you’d use for the campaign.
Question 3: Remarketing campaign
The marketing manager of the Google Merchandise Store would like to trial a remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network to re-engage with the website visitors after they’ve visited the website but didn’t purchase anything.
Include in your recommendations 3 different audiences or segments you’d like to target for this display campaign, the expiration time of the audience list (cookie window), the frequency on how often you’d like each audience to see your ads, and for how long the remarketing ads should run for. Use Google Analytics data and incorporate new vs. returning users in your answer.
Question 4: Page optimisations
The UX designer of the Google Merchandise Store would like to know what tasks he should focus on completing next. He has asked you to provided recommendations on which 4 pages on the website to optimise first? Provide a rational on why these are the most important pages to optimise. Base your answer around these metrics:
• Loading time
• Basket-to-detail rate
• Bounce rate
• Exit %
Question 5: Sales Funnel optimisations
The owner is aware that optimising the shopping experience on the website could improve sales performance significantly. By referring to the Shopping Behaviour Analysis report, list 3 important shopping behaviour insights. What recommendations would you have for the UX designer to optimise the shopping experience? List a minimum of 1 recommendation for each insight.
Question 6: EU Webstore
Currently the webstore focusses on the US and Canada. However, the site is visited by users in countries all over the world. The owner is considering launching a webstore specifically for Europe. Based on the data in Google Analytics, would you recommend this?
Include in your answer audience features, behavioral website data, popular products, and ecommerce performance.

Marking Guide
This assessment will be graded based on these criteria:
• Collected relevant data (25%)
o Selected a sufficient time period
o Showed use of segments, advanced filters, secondary dimensions
• Visualised data effectively (20%)
o Used relevant table or graph types
o Highlighted the most important data points
• Provided high quality recommendations (45%)
o Relevancy ? Understood and answered all the questions
o Achievable ? Written actionable recommendations and next steps
o Validity ? Used enough data and the correct data to provide depth in the analysis
o Interpretation ? Developed accurate insights from the available data
• Created a high-quality report (10%)
o Written expression (clarity, cohesion, flow)
o Appropriate length
o Correct referencing
o Used of appendices properly

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2771 words including Screenshots and References

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