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I need help in writing a Research report for social science.
Word -9000 , it can include the Research Proposal and Literature Review (that I have) .
It is policy analyses, qualitative research. Human trafficking framework in AUSTRALIA,
What is the destiny of the non-Australian citizen victims of trafficking if they are excluded from the Support program and do not have an appropritae visa to stay in Australia
Research Project
As part of the assessment for this unit, you will be required to implement a research project. Research projects can be conducted individually or in pairs. If you are working in pairs, you should double the word limits, as a rough guide.
Assessment Details Having completed your own research, you will be required to write up your research findings.
Your research report should be written using the following structure:
1. Title page
2. Acknowledgements
3. Table of contents
4. Introduction
5. Literature review
6. Research methods
7. Results/Findings
8. Discussion including limitations of the study
9. Conclusion/Recommendations
10. References
11. Appendices
Assessment Criteria – Task 1
1. Does the research report demonstrate a clear understanding of the research process and conventions associated with the methodology chosen?
2. How well has the research question(s) been answered?
3. The methodology and methods used in the project are sound.
4. The data has been presented in a coherent format adhering to methodological conventions.
5. The results are clearly derived from the data presented in the report.
6. The discussion is based on the data presented in the report
7. The discussion critically reflects on the structural setting of your research topic (i.e. by referring to appropriate theory or research evidence).
8. The limitations of the research are clearly outlined. 9. The reference list is comprehensive using APA 6th edition conventions.
Please, give a quote for the required writing.
Thank you