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Download Tstbd.sql file from VU collaborates Assessments.
Important Note: after you download the file move it to any folder in the C drive (for example move it to Eclipse folder).
Start WAMP PhpMyAdmin
Create a new Database, then import thetstbd.SQL file into the database
Take screen-shoots for the SQL commands and the output for each of the below query, place these screenshots in a word file; submit the file to your class dropbox. Write your exam version on the submitted word file
Write The SQL statements for the following each question weight 2 marks
1. List part number and description for parts with prices lower than 100$
2. List Customers number who first name start with `A`
3. What is the average customer balance?
4. What is the customer number, last and first name and balance that has the highest balance?
5. Display the part descriptions of all the parts that have been selected on an order?
6. Display all the order numbers of the orders placed by customer Sally Adams
7. How many parts are stored in each of the warehouses?
8. What is the customer numbers of the customers that have placed more than one order?
9. What are the parts number and desciption of most expensive 3 parts?
10. Increase the commission by 10 percent, for sales representative responsible for Mara Galvez.

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