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Australian Alpaca Clothing Pty. Ltd. Is a small processor of Australian grown alpaca fleece into high fashion garments for sale through boutique retail outlets in Australia. The company has recently signed a contract to engage the services of a fibre processor in Guangzhou China to process the raw alpaca fibre into yarn and manufacture the garments.
The Managing Director of Australian Alpaca Clothing Pty. Ltd., Jennifer Sng, is posting a representative of the company permanently in China to liaise with the processor during the manufacture of the products. The person chosen for this position is Jonathan Jones, an Australian born and educated marketing professional. Jonathan has never lived abroad before. Jennifer is conscience of the cultural differences between /Australia and China, some of which have caused misunderstandings in the negotiations leading up to the signing of the contract.
Jennifer is aware that you have studied Business Communication as part of your degree at Kent Institute Australia, and has asked you and your team to research intercultural communication, the barriers to effective communication caused by cultural differences, and advise her through a report on the best preparation for the Jonathan to complete before taking up his position in China.
,villyVhat you are to do:
1, spare a -Long Report- to be presented to Ms. Sng outlining what intercultural communication is, the differences in the cultures of Australia and China and their effect on business, the barriers to effective intercultural communication and how to overcome these barriers. You should also give her advic.e.aj2s913 programme to develop cultural competence and •re are Jonathan to effectively work with the Chinese suppliers.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2481 words including References

Report on Intercultural communication

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