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Based on the feedback received on your Situation Analysis report you will now proceed to a Final Strategic Recommendationforyourchosencompanyinwhichyouwillberequiredtodetail not only what your strategic recommendations are but also what specific steps at the business and corporate levelare necessary to implement thosestrategiesaswellashowyouwillmonitorandcontroltheperformanceofthecompanyasitgoesforward. You will incorporate in your report those parts of your Situation Analysis as are appropriate to produce a full strategic report.This will mean that you may cut and paste from your initial report and Turnitin Similarity levels will be adjusted to accommodate this. The structure of your report headings will be
1)Title page
2)Table of content
3)Elective summary
5)Company background
6)Aim of report
7)Summary paragraph
8)Business strategy
9)Corporate strategy

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