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Assessment 4 Reflective Portfolio Due date Pattern A – Thursday 13th June, 1700hrs.
Type of Collaboration Individual assessment Length 1500 words (three 500 word reflections)
Details: You are to complete a professional portfolio that demonstrates your learning during your workplace experience (WPE) placement.
The portfolio can be completed using any materials or software and must be submitted in a PDF format.
You are to consider how 10 days of learning in the clinical environment has contributed to your knowledge and understanding of nursing practice.
The professional portfolio is to have the following headings:
Introduction: You are to provide a short overview of the professional portfolio in this section and outline the care environment where you undertook your WPE placement.
Student Led Conversation Form :
This section is to have a copy of your completed student led conversation form.
Individual Learning Goals:
This section is to include a copy of the Individual Learning Goals template in the WPE Assessment Tool. This includes a description of how you did/did not achieve your learning goals.
Summative ANSAT Assessment:
This section is to have a copy of your completed Summative ANSAT assessment.
Reflective Professional Portfolio:
Reflect on your learning during your WPE placement and share this learning using a creative representation (for example poetry, words, wordle, tagexdo, drawing, collage, pictures, cards or colours).
During the construction of your creative representation consider the following questions:
1. Consider your practice experience against your values/virtues?
2. Consider what you did well during your placement? ( I am a first year student 1st semester)
3. Consider an area for improvement you could focus on for your future WPE placements? Using your creative representation as a guide and examples from your practice, write three 500 word reflections, one for each of the following:
1. Reflecting on the RN Standards for Practice (2016) Standard 4, Comprehensively conducts assessment and its related elements, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4, consider how you have met this standard.
2. Considering the Person-centred Practice Framework (2017) – pre-requisite - clarifying beliefs and values, describe how clarifying your values/virtues in SNUG101(Respect, team work, deligence, equality) and SNUG104(work experience) has influenced your nursing practice during your WPE placement.
3. How did your overall learning in Autumn session 2019 (tutorials, simulated nursing tutorials and online) prepare you to participate in your WPE placement?
Conclusion In your concluding statements, briefly describe a key learning that you gained during this WPE placement.
Style and format Portfolio Subject Learning
Outcomes 1-7
1 Apply broad and coherent theoretical knowledge to provide safe, high quality nursing practice that is person-centred and based on the best available evidence.
2 Exercise critical thinking and judgement to systematically assess, plan, deliver and evaluate nursing practice.
3 Use reflection to critically evaluate and develop nursing practice.
4 Lead practice that is collaborative and promotes effective therapeutic and professional relationships.
5 Share values that foster a culture of respect for all people, practicing ethically and promoting nursing as a profession.
6 Use the best available evidence to make decisions and provide safe, quality nursing care and as a platform for continued lifelong learning.
7 Communicate in an effective, respectful and collaborative way with individuals and members of the interdisciplinary team.
Marking Criteria See Rubric page 9
EXTRA: Just to get an idea :
These are some questions students asked to the tutor :
Student question:
I am just looking at the assessment 4, reflective portfolio and am curious about the 1500 words. I understand each of the questions we are reflecting on are 500 words each but am wondering if the introduction and conclusion are included in the 1500 words or if we just write a little something for each of those but focus on the reflective pieces which are 500 words each.
Tutor answer:
it is great you are looking a this assessment
The 1500 words id just the three reflections. Keep the introduction and conclusion very short
importantly this is one document that you need to put all of the attachments as one
Student question:
I am unsure of how we are meant to answer the 3 questions for consideration through a creative piece. How are we meant to make our answers clear and understandable through something such as a draw or poetry?
Tutor answer:
You just need to create a visual representation of this after your placement and include that in the assessment. It would be good to consider the elements of this and include them in your reflection
Student Q:
I am just a bit unsure how we are supposed to achieve everything in the 500 word reflections. From my understanding we need to:
• Connect our ideas to the creative piece
• Get evidence to support our statements
• Use the three step: What, So What, Now What model.
My main concern is in regard to how we are supposed to link our creative piece to the three step -What, So what, No what- model, as well as simultaneously address the questions we are supposed to be reflecting on - making direct and clear statements answering the question.
Tutor answer:
In regard to the creative piece you complete this at the end of your placement and you relate parts of this in your reflection. For example you may say when I felt like shrinking because a nurse spoke to me unkindly, I represented this with the yellow swirl in my picture as I was conflicted by understanding she was stressed and concerned she was unhappy with my performance.
Student Q:
Hi, I have a few questions I was hoping you could help me with?
questions regarding -Individual Learning Goals-
1. I would just like to clarify if this is page 8 in our work books?
2. Are we required to write a goal for all each of the 7 standards?
3. It states that they need to be completed by day three, do we need to upload them anywhere to prove they are completed?
4. What is the expected length and depth for each goal?
Tutor answer:
You need to transfer the 2 individual learning goals you completed for assessment 2 to the relevant standards and complete the others during your WPE placement
Student question:
I have read the handout and will structure my essay based on the three questions.
What I wasn't sure of was - do we need to put the subheadings for each paragraph of the essay? for example:
1. paragraph/s describing the situation
So What
2. paragraph/s detailing analysis etc
Now What
3. paragraph/s detailing plan of action
Tutor answer:
yes a good way forward
Student question:
Apologies as I am not sure if this question has already been asked, but do we apply the Bortons reflective model in all 3 of the (500 word) reflections or just one of them? This is before the conclusion!
Tutor answer:
you need to use a model of reflection in all 3 reflections, we have suggested what, so what and now what as this is fits with a short 500 word reflection
In regards to this reflection how much information can we use in relation to patient confidentiality obviously a name will not be used. I have quiet a detailed experience that fits the criteria I think for this part am I able to go into all that detail of what occurred and the processes that I was involved in to the end outcome. Would this be considered a breech of patient confidentiality or in this circumstance is it acceptable.
Tutor Ans:
yes you can use that information as long as there are no identifying factors ie patient name, facility name, ward. Part of the What in the reflection model is to outline what occured so you wuill need to use the information you have identified when explaining this part
n the SNUG 104 portfolio we are supposed to talk about the Person centred practice framework but where can I access this??? In the first module there is only an image of this and no link where we can access it for our assessment
It would be beneficial to consider your learning from a person-centered lens. You can look in the library for the Person-centered framework book by McCormack and McCance (2017) or alternatively there are many articles written on the PCC framework which you could search for on the library databases

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1868 words including References

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